5 Easy Ways to Stop Your Coil From Burning

5 Easy Ways to Stop Your Coil From Burning

If you are a professional vaper, chances are that you have suffered from a constant burnt taste while you were vaping in the past. The reason behind the burnt taste is that your coil got burnt, and now every time you vape – the burnt taste remains in it.

Naturally, if you want to avoid your coil from being burnt, you first have to understand why it gets burnt.  When you do not have enough e-liquid and press the fire button, your coil gets heated up. Because there is less e-juice, the additional heat makes the temperature of the coil rise up. When this happens, there are two scenarios:

  • The remaining e-juices gets overcooked due to excessive heat. The PG is broken down into formaldehyde which does not have a good taste at all.
  • The wick is mostly made of cotton. When it is exposed to hot coil, it burns and so you get this burnt taste.

To avoid your coil from burning and having a burnt taste, here are a few methods to follow:

Prime your coil

When you insert a new coil in your vape pen, the wick becomes completely soaked from being dry. If you wait for more than five minutes, chances are that wick has become absolutely soaked, avoiding your coil from overheating. But the problem is that you cannot be certain if the wick is soaked or not, thereof priming the coil is your best option. Priming means to soak your wick manually before installing it into the vape pen.

No Chain Vaping

When you keep on vaping, without taking a break – it can lead to your wick being burnt and thus getting a burnt taste in the vapors. The reason: the wick does not get enough time to become soaked again so when you press the fire button, it gets burnt. The solution to this problem is simple: stop vaping for some time and take a little break in between vaping sessions. Stopping for just 5 to 10 minutes will help the wick in cooling off and the temperature returning to normal.

E-liquid Options

When you are buying an e-liquid, be sure to know its PG: VG ratio as they directly impact the life of your coil. If you have a sub-ohm coil with low resistance, and the consistency of your e-liquid is too thin, it will get vaporized too quickly – causing the coil to burn. Henceforth, when buying an e-liquid, choose one that has a higher VG ratio. If you have a coil with high resistance and your e-liquid is thick, it will take far too long for the coil to heat up the liquid. For such a case, try e liquid with higher PG ratio.

Temperature Control

Use temperature control vaping devices. When the e cig will reach certain temperature to heat the e-liquid, it will stop delivering power to the coil from getting any hotter. This way you will be able to avoid your coil from getting burnt.

E-cig settings

If your vape pen has adjustable setting, be certain that the settings are set in the correct fashion for resistance of atomizer head. Typically, the lower your coil has resistance, the higher the wattage would be.

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