A travelling vaper? Better safe than sorry!

Vaping still might be new to some people but in this modern era, it has become quite familiar with most of the people round the globe. Some of us may enjoy vaping in our dining rooms, however most of us would prefer they keep their vape handy. As retailed on Longhorn Vapor, the very portable vape along with its Different E-Liquids Brands can easily fit in your pockets however questions may arise about whether you can travel with it or not? What are the laws about vaping in different countries and most importantly, what are the airline policies regarding E-Cigarettes.

Laws around the countries:

Although most of the countries worldwide have legalized Vape alongside tobacco cigarettes and E cigarettes, Laws may vary from state to state.

America has legalized vape however every state may vary its laws hence it would be better to check with the local laws when carrying or using your vape, generally in America there are some states where vaping is not allowed in public indoor places whereas in some states vaping is not allowed in public places all together. Similarly in Europe smoking and vaping are allowed and there are no rules against it, some exceptions like no smoking in public places, public transit and business are still there. When we move down the world map, in Asia vaping laws are a bit complicated. It vary from country to country, hence it’s always better to ask the officials if you can vape or not. China, being the inventors of vape and having a large vaping community is a bit lenient when it comes to vaping laws. However, for vaping without hesitation, India is the place for all of you travelling vapers as Nicotine isn’t even considered harmful there and they don’t mind if you smoke cigarette, vape or do any other nicotine intake. But be advised, it’s always better to ask the authorities before indulging in such activities which might have consequences.

Where some countries are lenient in public using vapes, there are also some laws around the world which might be a hurdle in a traveler and their vape, for example South African authorities are keen on banning E-Cigarettes stating they’re bad for health, travelers may face some difficulties in future. Similarly, Middle Eastern and far eastern countries are also very much against the idea of smoking in general which automatically makes it against vaping community. Countries like Qatar UAE and Jordan have completely banned vapes having high fines for whoever vapes. You may also want to rethink while carrying your vaping device to Hong Kong the next time you visit there. As they have a penalty of whosoever is caught carrying nicotine E-cigarettes. Be careful as you may have to pay 100,000 HKD ($12,853) and/or a prison term of 2 years.

Before landing in some country, you would be present in some airport. What if you want to vape at the airport, what are the laws then? Furthermore, how lenient are the airlines regarding your E-Cigarettes and vape.  We understand that vapes are expensive, and it wouldn’t feel good if it was to be confiscated at the airport by the authorities, hence we’re here for you, to advice you and guide you.

It would be better if before travelling you check with your airline about their E-Cigarette policies and nicotine quantities (link to main E-Liquid page) of the E-Liquid you’re using. If they’re not mentioned you might want to ask them because, better safe than sorry right? Airports generally around the world are lenient regarding their E-Cigarette policies, where most of them don’t even have one, however it would still benefit you if check about the policies beforehand.

Below is the list of countries known to allow vaping:

  • Athens
  • Auckland
  • Barcelona
  • Budapest
  • Cairo
  • Cancun
  • Chennai
  • Dulles
  • Florence
  • Frankfurt
  • Heathrow
  • Lisbon
  • Madrid
  • Milan
  • Marrakesh
  • Vegas (McCarran)
  • Melbourne
  • Miami
  • Nice
  • Mallorca
  • Tampa
  • Toronto
  • Vienna
  • Warsaw


We, the vapers have to be a bit responsible, proactive and mature while using this amazing technology. Maybe then, people around the world might understand that it isn’t a harm to our community. To know more about your vaping kit, check our website.

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