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Vaping might seem like a very straightforward and simple task. However, only the Vape-ers know all the things that go in, work together to give you the satisfaction you need. From a third person's view, it might only seem as inhaling and exhaling, but it's something more than that. All the different Accessories work in position simultaneously to make vaping what it actually is. These Accessories include; E-Cigarette Batteries, E-Cigarette Chargers, E-Cigarette Coils, E-Cigarette Drip Tips, Rebuildable Accessories and other miscellaneous parts.

E-Cigarette Batteries

E-Cigarette Batteries are one of the most important accessory one needs for his vape. The quantity of juice that battery is holding might vary from a person's need, but a good quality battery is needed by all. Typical E-Cigarette Batteries range from 3000 mAh to 4000 mAh.

E-Cigarette Chargers

Now, not all E-Cigarette have a replaceable batteries, some of them are rechargeable as well. Obviously, for a rechargeable battery you'd need a charger too. E-Cigarette Chargers come with a dual cell charger slots or a single cell slot. Most of these chargers charge with an output of 2.4 Amperes.

E-Cigarette Coils

All of you would be definitely be familiar with the term E-Cigarette Coils, for those who don't know Coils are a piece of wire which is responsible to burn the E-Liquid to give you its taste. E-Cigarette Coils might come in different metals, like copper, steel etc. Different metals in E-Cigarette Coils gives them different properties like different resistance, different expansion when heating and so on. Most of the advanced Mods nowadays work along with these properties of E-Cigarette Coils to enhance your vape experience.

E-Cigarette Drip Tips

Drip tips offer one of the greatest enhancements to your E-Cigarette. Gone are the days when you had to when you had to break down your atomizer and fill it with E-Liquids. Use the customized E-Cigarette Drip Tips to fill your tanks directly out of the bottle. It not only saves your time but looks extremely cool while you do it.

Rebuildable Accessories

Rebuildable Accessories contain all your favourite vape fantasies. From nickel coils to the best RTAs out there, they have them all in it. Now break down your E-Cigarette and rebuild it with the most premium accessories available on Longhorn Vapor