Beginner’s Guide to Vaping With Temperature Control


With so many inventions in the realm of e-cigarettes taking place, it is evident that it would definitely become a profitable investment. Temperature control is one of the features of e-cigarettes and comes in various mods that are available. Temperature control setting in any vape mod is the use of wire or coil to control the resistance of current. It is used to avoid dry and burnt hits that usually take place when a vaper takes long drags of vape. It keeps the temperature static rather than letting it burn. This method is highly appreciable since it is something smokers experience as well.

Temperature control

The temperature of the coil normally ranges from 300 degrees Fahrenheit to 600 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degree Celsius to 350 degree Celsius. It is used to control the temperature of the coil by adjusting to the set degrees.

The idea was first generated by Evolv in the year 2014 by introducing DNA chips. Many people consider the mods with DNA chips as the best available products for vaping and that they are a revolutionary product. There have been mods that were able to adjust watts before the temperature control. But now, the temperature control has also been introduced in most vape mods.

Resistance of wire

When you use temperature control in the vape mods, it works up the resistance of the coil of an atomizer. The working of temperature control depends on the metal of coils and an increase in the resistance of the coil. The coil which is in the atomizer or tank of the regulated mod will have the Ω sign for the resistance typically. If you use Kanthal wire for the coil in the atomizer, the resistance value remains static. This is an attribute of the Kanthal wire where its temperature and resistance remains static.

There is a wire that you would use for temperature control, and with known resistance-increase of the coil. The resistance change is monitored by vape and as the resistance grows the temperature remains static till the defined it gets to the right temperature. It is like a car that needs more horsepower to go up and down the hill with the speed being the same.

For the purpose of temperature control, one needs to have a vape mod that supports it. There are a lot of vape mods that have ‘TC’ with their name for people to understand its working and are readily available. Vape mods will have different qualities as far as temperature control goes, as some might have more power rather than others that may have lesser. Some companies like Evolv and Yihi sold these mods on relatively expensive rates but that is not the case with many other manufacturers as the product is available in economical rates as well.

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Types of Wires

The type of wire you use is also of paramount importance when temperature control is the key.

There are usually four types of wires that can be used for temperature control.

  • Nickel or ni200 was used initially for temperature control mods, but it couldn’t be used by many people due to an allergic reaction to nickel.
  • Titanium grade 1 or Ti is better for temperature control but a person has to ensure that it doesn’t heat up too much.
  • Stainless Steel wires are popular with people using mods as they are available in various grades like 304,306,316,316 L, 317, 340 and SS316L which is used the most because it can control wattage or temperature.
  • Nickel ferrous or NiFe has various grades as well as 48,30,53,70 and can be used like steel but is not readily available for people.

Every wire has the coefficient of resistance (TCR) which defines the change of the physical attributes when a change in temperature is there. When your mod is familiar with the resistance of the wire then it can send the right temperature to the coil. Numerous TCR values are available for different wires.

When you vape in TC mode you will have to choose corresponding wire type for the coil available. When your vape mod has TCR , then it is easier to enter the right value. Make sure that the tank or mod is at room temperature so that the reading of the temperature is accurate. You can choose not to use it for 15-20 minutes before starting it so readings are more accurate.

Normally install the coil and screw it down tightly. Set the atomizer or tank on the mod and tighten it down as much as possible. Check for the resistance whether the reading is consistent or not.

When using a rebuildable, steel is the temperature control coil for you so that when needed, one can dry-burn it. But make sure to keep the temperature low. You can skip to dry-burn the mod and if there are spaces in your coil then you won’t have hot spots.

Some of the wires support temperature as well as wattage control, while some will automatically set it.

The most common temperature ranges for vaping are 392 degrees Fahrenheit to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. You need to set a target temperature for a better vaping experience. If needed you can adjust the temperature increase or decrease relatively. Because it is something that is dependent on the personal liking or disliking of the vapor. If you’re vaping with TC mods, you may get dryness due to the low juice so keep the temperature down. As you can do the same with wattage control as well. High temperature is good and it shouldn’t be too low as they are low resistance and need the power to heat effectively.

Pros and cons

Avoid dry and burnt hits

There are a lot of ways to avoid dry and burnt hits but temperature control is maybe the most effective one. The temperature power will be cut to compensate as the temperature rises due to dry-wick. This will result in dry hits with very little vapor and no juice at all.

Coil and wick

To avoid bad hits means to avoid over-heat the coil and singeing the cotton. Basically, the singe is what makes the taste of the vape bad and temperature control coils have a lasting life than a regular coil. Because the designated temperature is not being exceeded the life of the coil and wick increases.

Battery life

When the mod will use power in a controlled manner the battery will last longer and it is estimated that a temperature control vape usually consumes 1.5 times lesser power than the regular variable wattage vape.

Vape consistency:

When using TC mods, one can have puffs whereas the regular wattage mods have inconsistent hits. The more one draws from a vape the hotter it gets due to the absence of TCR.


Complicated mods

The use of vape mods with TC means that one needs to acquaint themselves with the wattage and temperature control. The wattage mods are easier to use than TC mods due to the margin of liking or disliking.

Mod limits

The presence of cheap products with TC is the reason why they are not common among people.

Limited to the material:

If you want to vape with TC mods you need to be well-acquainted with these products and how to make them.


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