Best Candy King E Liquid Flavors Reviews

Candy King Flavors

Based in Los Angeles, Candy King is, as the name suggests, the King in all flavors sweet and sour. The main attribute of the Candy King brand is the uniqueness of flavors with respect to candy flavors as it is a niche that was not taken care of, before them. As time flies and the industry flourishes, we notice how the different products and brands are experimenting with different niches and flavors, deploying tactics that instill a sense of ingenuity among the products. Candy King is the same among those brands that have followed the step to introduce new flavors with a chic range.

Offering in the range of candy-flavored vaping flavors is a total of 12, all of which are available to be bought online through Longhorn Vapor with fast delivery at your doorstep. Some of the most likable flavors one must try are:

  1. Peachy rings e-liquid
  2. Worms e-liquid
  3. Lemon e-liquid
  4. Swedish e-liquid
  5. Pink Square e-liquid

Peachy Rings

The Peachy Rings e-liquid is goodness filled flavor for your vaping needs, which is sweet as well as a tangy flavor which is so good to have and combine it with vaping, you get a flavor that is just awesome. The flavor is excellent, which is a perfect fit while you inhale and upon exhaling the gummy candy’s flavor is heightened. There are 0mg,3mg,6mg quantity of nicotine available. Use it to have a good time of vaping with family or friends while having discussions or whatever because this flavor is probably one  of the best

Worms e-liquid

Next up on the list is Worms e-liquid, which is by far one of the wonderful flavors by Candy King and we have not had a similar taste in the abundant flavors listed here and there. So we rank it at the top because of the vibrancy of the flavor and the uniqueness. The fruity flavor at every inhale is just a delight for vapors out there. 100 ml bottle with the same quantity as above is available. Be sure to try the flavor that has a remarkable feel. This bottle also has the same level of nicotine as above.

Lemon e-liquid

Moving on, the citrusy flavor of the Lemon e-liquid by Candy King is a totally different dimension that will be a good taste hit to your innards as the flavor is a bit heightened. With just a few exceptions, this flavor is unique and can be used to alter the monotony there is with these flavors that are too mild.

Swedish e-liquid

Ranking fourth on flavor by Candy King, is Swedish e-liquid that has again, the combination of sweet and fruity candy that you experience in every drag. The inhale and exhale is extremely consistent and very mellow because the throat hit is nominal. A mixture of fresh loganberry and a gummy texture is a wonderful taste in the category and contains the finest ingredients.

Pink square e-liquid

Remember those sweet flavors of candy that you used to have and it suddenly meant happiness for you, such is the nature of the flavor on offer here, that is, Pink square e-liquid. The flavor is simply a mixture of your childhood’s favorite candy which isn’t too mellow and isn’t too harsh. Getting the best of the flavors is one thing but for Candy King to have this diverse range is simply phenomenal. However, there are a couple of other brands, who compete to match the level and do so too.

Owing to the premium ingredients these brands have positioned themselves as a leading brand and that is why they can enjoy the premium responses from audiences. You can explore more Candy King e-juice flavors for vaping.

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