Best E Liquid you can vape in 2019

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Do you want to know the best e-juice of 2019 in the market? We have all of this covered in our detailed guide.

Compared to smoking, vaping is relatively new, which is one of the reasons that people have so many doubts about it. Vaping is not synonymous to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Vaping is the process of inhaling an e liquid and exhaling it in the form of a vapor. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not have tar, which is a cancer-causing agent. Rather e-cigs only have a regulated amount of nicotine.

The e-liquid is one of essential components of vaping. Majority of people are of the view that vaping is dangerous for health, and think e-liquids are some mysterious liquids. The truth could not be farther from this.

Components of e-liquid

E-liquid is made up of four components: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine and flavorings. Let’s take a detailed look at all of these components.

Vegetable glycerin

Vegetable glycerin or VG is a diluting agent. It is used to thicken the consistency of e-liquid and make it more satisfying. Vegetable glycerin is made with vegetable plants such as soy, coconut oil or palm. The property of a pure VG is that it is odorless and colorless. Moreover, the taste is a bit sweet.

E-liquids that have high dose of VG make bigger and denser clouds of vapor. Professional vapers opt for for e-liquids with high levels of VG.

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol or PG is also a diluent. It is responsible for giving the throat hit that vapers get from vaping. People who are chain smokers are mostly habitual of the throat hit. When they switch to vaping, PG provides them with a healthier alternative to the same throat hit. This is why PG e-liquids are pretty popular among smokers who have started vaping recently.

E-liquids that have high amount of PG are not much thick and the clouds formed as a result are not big. Although PG is labeled safe and non-toxic by FDA, some people can still develop sensitivity to PG.


Just like the name, flavorings are used to add some taste or flavor to the e-liquid. When you buy an e-liquid and it has strawberry or lime taste, it is because of the flavorings.Sin E-liquid


Compared to tobacco cigarettes, the amount of nicotine in e-cigarettes is pretty less. There is no point of worrying about nicotine as it is also found in inhalers.

VG base E-liquid vs PG base e-liquid

When you are deciding on the best e-juice in market, you need to know that there are two types of e-juices; vegetable glycol and propylene glycerin. Some people prefer VG base e liquids while others go for PG based e-juice.

Between VG and PG, propylene glycol is the most commonly used base for e-liquids in vaping. If you want to vape e-liquid with strong flavors, you should use propylene glycol. If you want to blow dense vape clouds, vegetable glycerin will do the work for you. If you were previously a tobacco smoker and are habitual to the throat hit, propylene glycol will give the same satisfaction and experience as a tobacco cigarette. If you have a sensitive throat, you can get allergy from PG and vegetable glycerin might be a better option for you.

Does Vape Juice Expire

You don’t want to purchase the best e-juice and then get home and see it has expired, right? Which is why we have covered this important section of e-juices here.

Vape juice does have an expiry date just like any other consumable item. Expiration date gives an estimate about the date when content will no longer be guaranteed to have the same quality as claimed.

Most of the e-liquids have an expiration date of 1 to 2 years. The three important components, nicotine, VG and PG have a lifetime of around 2 years if they are kept under the correct conditions; in a cool, dark and dry place. But if these components are exposed to extreme heat or direct sunlight, they begin to break down sooner.

One of the reasons why people do vaping is the different flavors they can get. A major problem with expired vape juices is that their taste might either be stale or the flavor might have changed altogether after the expiration date.

Here again, it depends upon the producer and the flavor of e-liquid. Some e-liquids might have the same flavor even after 5 years while majority of them lose their original flavor in a time span of two years.

Has your vape juice expired?

If you do not know if your vape juice has expired or not, here are three ways to help you out:

  • Storage:  If you have stored your e-liquid in a place, which has direct sunlight or extreme heat – chances are it will expire before the expiration date. If you store it in a cool, dark and dry place – it is good to use for 2 years.
  • Separation: If the components of the e-liquid seem to have separated, it means the e-liquid has expired. The denser components will sink on the bottom of the bottle.
  • Smell: By smelling the e-liquid, you can know if your vape juice has expired or not. If the smell is aberrant, odd or seem to be a rotten smell – chances are your vape juice has expired.

Best E-Juice of 2019

Now that we have all our bases covered, it is time to start exploring some of the best e-juices in 2019. Let’s get started:

Cosmic Fog Vapers

Hands down, this is one of the best vape juices of 2019. Cosmic Fog Vapors is produced by The Orange County Company that is based in California. The company is popular around the world for making impeccable flavor blends. When we talk about Cosmic Fog Vapers, the e-liquid is developed over a time period of seven to eight months, so that perfection can be achieved. To maximize the purity level, each batch of the e-liquid is filtered at least five times.

The Orange County has no compromise on quality, their detailed process speaks for itself. The Cosmic Fog e-liquid comes in a range of different flavors as well as nicotine levels. Being a premium quality e-juice, its price is justified. The VG/PG blend in the e liquid is 70/30.

Black Note e-liquid

One of the best e-juice you can get your hands on this year. If you are an ex-smoker or just like the smell and taste of tobacco a lot, this one is perfect for you. Instead of adding artificial tobacco flavors in their e-liquid, Black Note goes an extra mile. They extract the real tobacco flavors from non-GMO tobacco plants that have grown in rich soils. The reason behind choosing non-GMO foods is to provide you with 100% purity and authenticity.

The tobacco plants that are used are harvested from volcanic soils of Italy. They undergo an 8-week maceration process (a cold process) so extract the tobacco flavor naturally.  Black Note has the finest quality ingredients in the US and in result, vapers get to have an amazing experience. Black Note has a 50/50 VG/PG blend. It is offered in two nicotine levels. Each of the bottles is packed in a cylinder that is light-proof so that flavor can be preserved. A must for all tobacco lovers.

Lone Star e-liquid

As there are numerous products available that have different qualities, it is recommended to always buy very good quality products and Lone Star e-liquid is one of those products that is listed in the top quality vape products of the year. It is a collection by LongHorn Vapor Company. Made with the finest of ingredients, this e-liquid is a special blend of bourbon, almond and vanilla mixture that is sure to attract your senses.

MYLK Vape Juice

MYLK Vape Juice is one of the best e-juice in the market. It is produced by the company named, Brewell Vapory. There’s no doubt about the quality MYLK Vape juice has. Over the years, the brand has established a great name for itself in the market.  Being a very creative team, they have a new take on the traditional flavors of e-juices. By mixing some of the most popular e-juice flavors like strawberry, green tea, banana etc. with creamy and smooth milk – they offer vapers a unique and delicious experience.

MYLK vape juice is available in a 70/30 VG/PG blend and has four nicotine levels. Because of added milk, the vapor is smooth. It also gives an amazing flavor. It is perfect for anyone who wants to try a new flavor and like milk.

Halo E-liquids

Halo e-liquid is habitual of being in the list of the best e-juices of every year. It was regarded as one of the best e-juices in 2017 and 2018 too. This year is no different. They have won a number of awards for their quality and hard work. Halo is based in Florida and is one of the original and oldest American e-cigarette companies. When they opened their first manufacturing lab in Gainesville, it took the vape industry by storm.

By choosing spectacular ingredients with the best quality, all the e-liquids from Halo are of top quality. Customers can select the VG/PG ratio according to their taste. Similarly, they can change the nicotine level as they prefer. Although the original flavors are gourmet and tobacco, they offer a vast collection of e-liquid flavors. Halo e-liquids are especially popular for producing dense flavor and having vibrant flavor.

1876 e juice

The popularity of 1876 e juice does not need any exaggeration. Anyone who wants to quit smoking and try something different and new, 1876 presents the perfect solution to them. The e juice is an excellent choice for smokers who want to quit it. By vaping the 1876 e juice, you will get the hit that you are used to with smoking.

1876 e juice

The ingredients used in the e juice are of premium quality so that you get only the best type of e juice. The 1876 e juice is carefully crafted by their magicians who use VG, PG and the right flavorings to give you the e juice you want. They are located in Irving, Texas and since their launch have been running smoothly and successfully.

Blue Raspberry e-Liquid

Blue raspberry is a world-wide popular e-juice. It belongs to the sore collection by Bazooka e-liquids. The popularity of Bazooka e-liquids is worldwide. The e-liquids range are some of the most vaped e-liquids on the globe due to their innovative flavors and top quality ingredients. The Bazooka e-liquid sour straws range is manufactured in the United States. It is made by Kilo e-liquids, which was founded in 2014. Kilo e-liquids are known for their flavor creativity and producing world-class e-liquids.
One of the distinguished features of the Bazooka e-liquid sour range is that they have an edgy flavor. Anyone who likes to have mild flavors should not even try them. The e-juice is available in 60ml bottles.

Jam Monster e-liquids

This range of e-liquids is absolutely wonderful with dense clouds to offer and a range that is brilliant. Flavors on sale by Jam Monster e-liquids are Peanut Butter, raspberry, butter cream, guava, grape etc. These flavors are extra good with only high value of VG for denser clouds and are made with pure effort by the American based company.

El Kapitan e-juice

The list of best e-juice of 2019 will be left incomplete without the inclusion of El Kapitan e-juice.  El Kapitan is produced by Mr Saltee e-liquids. They are one of the best vaping e-liquid on the planet. Their addictive tastes and refreshing flavors make them stand out among other vaping juices. Since the launch of the Mr Saltee e-liquids, they are being sold like hot cakes among all types of vapers, whether they are beginner level, intermediate or professional vapers.

Every e-liquid is as fancy as its very name. Once you get a taste of this classy e liquid, there would be no going back.

The excellent Mr Saltee e-liquid has the finest quality to keep you safe and healthy. They use only the best ingredients and with their unique magical formula, give you splendid e liquids for vaping. Get Your Product Here : El Kapitan e-juice

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