Best Vape Kits for Beginners

vape kits

Vape starter kits can be found for every type of vaping style. There are a number of e cigarette and vaping kits, which are especially designed for beginner level vapers.  Similarly, vape kits are also available for intermediate and advanced level vapers in the market. Typically, a vape kit has a vapor device, battery charger and a vape tank.

Some vape kits also have e liquids additionally. The question that might be bugging you would be: Why do I need to buy a vape starter kit in the first place? The reason is simple: when you a buy a vape starter kit, you don’t have to spend money on purchasing every component separately. By purchasing a vape kit, you get to save your hard-earned bucks.

When you are looking for a vape starter kit, a lot of factors come into play that differentiate between a good kit and a bad kit.


What is the quality of vape starter kit? Does it offer premium quality or can it be harmful to health? These are a few common questions to ask.

Easy to use

Being a beginner-level vaper, you want to get a vape kit that is easy to use and does not make you get lost in its intricacies.


Cost plays a major role when you are deciding on a vape kit, whether it is a simple starter kit or a vape pen starter kit.


Is the money you are spending on buying the starter kit justifying the vaping experience you get from it?

Here, we have listed down a number vape starter kits that have been reviewed by our trained staff. The recommendations list constitutes of some of the best starter kits you can find in the market today. Let’s get started, shall we?

V2 pro Series 3

It is the most diversified version of vape starter kits available. The best thing is: it can vaporize e liquids, dry herbs and even waxes. Built with smart technology, the vape pen operates on the material being used for vaping. It recharges fast, has a 3 in 1 functionality, makes great vapor, easy to use and is still affordable.

Juul Vapor

Juul company needs noto introduction in the vaping world. The Juul starter kit is amazing for beginners. The device is compact, easy to handle and use. The appearance and size is pretty cool and the latest technology makes it an amazing choice for a starter kit.

Wismec Reuleaux

The RX2 kit from the Reuleaux family will enhance your vaping experience. With a 1.3 inch display and an easy interface, the vape starter kit is an excellent choice. It has fast charging capability and comes with a GNOME atomizer and WM coils.

Smok Procolor 225W

This is the most advanced vape kit created by the SMOK. It has an LED, which complements the tank very well. It also gives you an output of 225 Watts and comes with a removable battery. You will not be disappointed with the performance and also the price of this vape starter kit.

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