Best Vape Mods for 2019

Best Vape Mods 2019

Since the beginning of this era of e-cigarettes, there have been constant upgradations and modifications in the realm, be it mods or pods, e-liquids or accessories. This current upgradation era has had much appreciation and changes for all types of mods and some even integrated them with cool and hip features. There are others who have stuck to their old features and yet people still feel they are the best they can get. There are a lot of features that one must take into consideration before buying new vape mods.

Different manufacturers produce quality products for the purpose of better health, many of which are not regulated. You can find several companies producing pods and mods that are either not up to the standard of the FDA or are faulty. At the same time, manufacturers produce top quality vape mod products which are capable of detecting new coil and setting the right resistance settings for it. Such is the level of innovation that exists in the status quo in the world of vaping. 

According to our experts, some of the best mods are:

  • GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W

Developed by GeekVape, this vape mod is one of the best as it has multiple features that stand out. Aegis 200W is characterized by a powerful 18650 battery. Two interesting features are that it is waterproof and dustproof to protect users from the negative impact of the environment and accidents. It is made from high-quality silicone and alloy that ensures durability and the rubber protects against falls, breakage, and scratches.

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Apart from its powerful features, this vape is super easy to use and comes with an easy pull battery and a comfortable latch.

This is another 200W category mod that stands for User Experience-UX-which is added with a super cool and new user-friendly interface that ensures satisfying user experience. This model, unlike previous ones of the company, has a stenciled head instead of an embossed one.

One distinguishing feature of this model is that it is very versatile and works well with all kinds of tanks and drippers. It is a durable product as it is made up of a strong zinc-alloy body with an excellent build. The buttons are quite fine and smooth and its settings are very easy to adjust.  Also, the settings come with a password feature that ensures safety from interference and provides a check on children reaching the mod in case it lands in people’s hands.

  • Tesla Poker 218W

This is the highest wattage vape in the market that is known especially for its powerful build and variable themes. Carrying on with the Poker theme, this mod is the Ace of Hearts that gives a  contemporary and modern feel to the user.

The settings and provisions with 18650 dual batteries have different modes for a versatile vaping experience. The resistance level is 0.05 ohms and provides a smooth vaping experience.

  • Voopoo Drag 2 177W

This is the most improved version of the Voopoo mod and has this stylish side panels to it. The other side has DRAG emblazoned which adds to the uber-stylish style of the vape.

This one is small and light while the power has been improved from 157 to 177W. The settings have been improved as well for smoother user experience. Moreover, its settings are wide-ranging and compatible with different tanks, thus adding to its popularity. 

  • SMOK G-Priv 200 W

This mod is the pioneer model that came with a full touch screen at one side of 2.4 inches protected by a glass protector. It is also equipped with a screen lock so that the touch screen is not activated when not intended. The interface is quite simple and user-friendly and the graphics are impressive.

It comes with various modes and controls including Temperature Control and a power adjustment ranging from 1W to 22W. It also gives the option to choose how quickly you want the healing process to complete so that you can start vaping. Exploring the settings thoroughly is important to enjoy the gadget to the fullest.

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