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The relation between Resistance and Voltage Explained


The relation between Resistance and Voltage Explained Vaping has  evolved so much that its considered as an individual sports, the complications in the sports itself have evolved too. The question about the all important terms in vaping like Resistance and Voltage has risen again and again on different forums. While some of the people who […]

How is Temperature Control Mod any different from Box Mod?

Box Mod

Mod is one of the basic essentials when it comes to electronic cigarettes . We all know there are different types of technologies right now in the market, ranging from Temperature Control Mods to Digital Mods. If we look at the trend in technology, we see that we are generally moving towards digitized technology. Mods […]

A travelling vaper? Better safe than sorry!

Vaping still might be new to some people but in this modern era, it has become quite familiar with most of the people round the globe. Some of us may enjoy vaping in our dining rooms, however most of us would prefer they keep their vape handy. As retailed on Longhorn Vapor, the very portable […]

How to prevent your Vape Tank from leaking

Being in the vape world, as much as I enjoy the wonders of it being extremely satisfying and enjoyable, I can’t deny there are some annoying setbacks too. From dry hits to leaking of Vape Tanks. On and off, we experience some of the extremely disappointing moments. However, we at Longhorn Vapor care about our customers and […]

Top 5 Hot Selling E-Liquid and Juices

  Vaping being the new trend worldwide, but if you’re new to vaping and E-Liquid world don’t worry Longhorn vapor being one of the largest brand to deal in your favorite hobby has got you all covered. If you’re new to vaping, or even a bit familiar with the ideas of vaping you’d still want […]