How to increase the life of your Vape Coil

E-Cigarette Coils

As much as we enjoy vaping,  every  Vaper have had the question in mind of how do I  actually increase  a Vape Coil’s life? A more appropriate and precise question would be, can  I even increase a Vape Coil’s life? As for most of us, having to re-buy our Vape Coils every now and then can be a throw off.

Jumping right to the topic, we all have faced a similar problem while vaping, that is having to replace our  coils every other week. For those who do not know about the term vape coil, it’s a copper coil inside your E-Cigarette tank which is responsible for creating clouds out of your E-Liquid.

How to increase the life of Vape Coil

As mentioned above, vaping coil is a wire that is heated up to create clouds out of your E-Liquid. While there is no hard and fast rule or formulas to increase a Vape Coil’s life, but there are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of them. It will not only save you some bucks, but also amp up your vaping experience.

  1. Clean your Vape Coil regularly

    After every day or two of vaping, make sure you clean your Vape Coil regularly. Wash it under boiling water, and dry it completely. Before rebuilding your tank, make sure you have cleaned all the excess juice off your vape coil. To counter check this, place the Vape Coil in atomizer and hit the fire button. Check if your Vape Coil is heating evenly.

  2. Prime your Coil

    Your first ritual after installing a new coil should be priming your coil. Priming your coil is a simple yet a very important task to do. As soon as you install a new coil, make sure you wick it properly, that is to place the cotton (that goes inside the coil) in your head’s holes which open to your tank. The cotton is to be in contact with your E-Liquid all the time. Make sure the cotton is saturated evenly. Adding a drop or two to the head’s holes and cotton after installing your Vape coil would be a good option. Now before your start on with your new vape life, make sure you start with a few dry hits (inhaling without heating the coil) This won’t generate any clouds, but will make sure your cotton is saturated perfectly. Now gently start vaping with small puffs in the beginning to make your new coil expand and contract evenly. After priming the coil, your Vape Coil’s life will drastically increase for sure.  

  3. Give your E-Cigarette a recovering time

    Like most other gadgets, over use of anything and everything can be a harmful act. E-Cigarettes are no exception to that. To see a noticeable change in your Vape Coil’s life and even battery life of your E-Cigarette, make sure you don’t overuse your E-Cigarette. You give it a recovery time of at least 10 second between every puff and to to avoid chain vaping as much as possible.

  4.  Avoid dry hits

    Owning an E-Cigarette in itself is a very easy task, difficulty starts when you have to maintain it. Maintaining it includes refilling the tank as earliest as possible. This would cause you to have dry hits which would eventually have a very negative effect on your Vape Coil. Added to that, higher wattage, long presses on fire button and not frequents puffs are some of the other not to do’s. All of these have a bad effect on your Vape Coil hence, decreasing their life.

Although these tricks can increase the life of your Vape Coil to some extent, buying  good quality vaping equipment is also an important thing to look into. As we all know, it’s not only about Vape Coils. E-Liquids can affect your Vape Coil’s life too, similarly, Tanks with different wattage levels contribute to it as much as E-Liquids do. To buy premium quality E-Liquids, Kits, Tanks, Mods, Accessories( Ex. Vape Coils), Longhorn Vapor is your kind of place to go.



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