When it comes to vaping,  our community is made up of a bunch of very diverse people. Everyone has their different tastes, different preferences, different likes and dislikes. All these differences are sorted out by different vape brands. Where each of the brand is made up to cater a specific kind of majority, some of these brands are also there to cater the generic or typical vapors. Although all of these Vape Brands have their own identity, but since they all narrow down to one phenomena i.e vaping, you might be interested in  browsing all of them. Longhorn Vapor deals in all the major Brands there are worldwide, we keep track of their new announcements, and keep you updated with their products.


Aspire deals in all of the vaping essentials such as kits, tanks, mods etc. Being one of the leading E-Cigarette brands, Aspire E-Cigarette promises to make your vaping life as easier as it can be. Although, there is a lot of competition in the market today, but the point where Aspire takes the lead is when it makes the design for its products. The cutting edge design speaks all kind of volumes for this vaping giant.


ELeaf has quickly become of the greatest Vaping producers there are in the market. ELeaf comes all the way from China. You might not remember the name ELeaf, but does iStick ring a bell? ELeaf were the inventors of the Istick Mini, which was first introduced in 2011, since then it has gained a lot of reputation. And till now, ELeaf hasn't looked back.


GeekVape is all about the technical bit of Vape. People behind GeekVape are obviously a bunch of geeks, trying to innovate and invent every single day. GeekVape are one of the greatest producers of export quality Accessories, Mods and Tanks. They are famous for providing complicated technical features in the market.


Innokin was founded back in 2011 with the sole purpose to provide amazing designs, new technology and great vaping experience. Since then they have been astounding their customers with latest and greatest vaping machines in the market. Innokin, unlike mostly goes for a sleek yet minimal look for its designs,  maintaining higher standards of experience.


Joyetech is one of the best E-Cigarette manufacturers in the market. Most of the reputation Joyetech has gathered in the vaping community is because of its great standards. Reliable e-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, e-cig box mods and varies tanks and e-liquids are some of its products that make it stand out from others.


Kangertech is one of the most earliest E-Cigarette manufactures worldwide. Coming straight from China, Kangertech promises to maintain all standards and quality controls. Due to superior quality products and services, Kangertech is one of the most popular E-Cigarette brands in North America and most of the European countries, therefore, all KangerTech products must pass CE, RoHS and SGS certifications and meet the international environmental management system's rigorous ISO 14000 standards.


Sigelei is another one of the Shenzhen based E-Cigarette manufacturer. What makes Sigelei unique from others is their core value to innovate and integrate technology as the most basic part in all their devices. For years they have been providing next generation technology, making all of it as simple as it can be. Sigelei is one of the most competitive E-Cigarette manufacturers today.


Smoktech is famous for many things, like research, manufacturing, selling and retailing of E-Cigarette technology. But that's not what the Smoktech guys are known for. The IVPS technology they developed in 2010 has everyone talking about them. Not only have they mastered in  IVPS, but the response from the consumers has been amazing too. Coming from the vaping giant, Shenzhen, Smoktech definitely has their mark on the market.


Uwell known for their phenomenal Subtanks and excellent customer service has everyone talking about them already. Uwell is one of the few E-Cigarette accessory manufacturer who has their own Research and Development team. Hence, they always strive for the new innovative ways to improve their standards, quality and customer service.


Vaportech is one of the few USA based E-Cigarette manufacturers. Although they excel in providing premium quality accessories like vaporizers, their main focus is always on their E-Liquid range. The very luxurious or " Ultra premium E-Liquids" as said by Vaportech themselves. Hence, whenever you're out their buying yourself E-Liquids, have a lookout for Vaportech too.


Vaporesso was created to make a safe environment for vaping, that too in a way not yet seen in the market. Vaporesso on a fundamental level, offers amazing research and development in the field along with professional manufacturing. Their core value is to make the experience safer, leak proof and heat controlled.


Wismec mostly popular for their highly innovative and creative mods, surely they are one of the best we have in the market today. Other than the mods, Wismec offers great quality tanks and accessories too. Wismec makes all their designs in USA but the manufacture plant is based in China, hence a superior quality design and product quality can be expected from them.