Why Longhorn Vapor?

Longhorn Vapor deals in a vast variety of E-liquids. For our customers, we keep all types and genres of flavors in stock. From the Fruity Collection to Naked 100’s sweet flavors, Longhorn Vapor has got you covered. We have been dealing in premium E-Liquids for quite a time now and today we’re providing E-Liquids from almost 30 brands. Now you can choose the best flavor for your taste buds from Longhorn Vapor. Do check out our website to get amazing vaping deals for yourself.

Burst Duo E-Juice:

People who’re familiar with the Burst E-Juices or have been using them wouldn’t take a second to know what Burst Duo E-Juice is about. People who don’t know this reputable name in the vaping world, don’t worry we at Longhorn Vapor are here to help you out with it. Let’s start with knowing what Burst E-Juices are. Burst E-Juices are series of E-Juice which consist of different fruit punch flavors. Now as presented by the name “Burst” the fruity flavor really does burst into your mouth to give you that satisfying sense of taste. Now, again as presented by the name Burst “Duo”, Burst Duo E-Juice is not only about a fruity punch, but TWO fruity flavors bursting into your mouth. Now how unreal is that?We here at Longhorn Vapor are currently offering only two of these amazing E-Juices, which are namely Kiwi-Strawberry E-Juice and Apple-Watermelon E-Juice. Both of which come in a unicorn style 60ml bottle for easy refilling along with a choice for you to make about the nicotine content. Currently Burst Duo E-Juice is offering 3 nicotine levels; 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. So order your favorite Burst Duo E-Juice right now to avail amazing offers.