Myth or Truth, Does Vaping Cause Headaches?

Can Vaping Causes Headaches

11% respondents of total 19,000 claimed that they suffered headaches making it second to dry-mouth with 22.7% in an international worldwide survey. Although the hazard is lessened to a bare minimum with combustible cigarettes,  among some side-effects of vaping, persists one that stands out in particular; headaches.

Inhaling vapors produced from either e-liquid, dry herb or concentrate from your vaporizer or e-cigarette can cause headaches that can have multiple reasons.

Bit by bit, we have to see how different elements of e-cigarettes, be it e-liquid or PG/VG ratio can conjure headache and how to remedy it.

E-cigarettes-A new fad

Taking over the global population with a boost, e-cigarettes have thrown combustible tobacco cigarettes out of the picture for the better part of half a decade. Approximately 4 million people (and counting) have switched from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes all over the world, making vaping, a popular trend among youth in particular. Mainly, and more pertinently, because they are 95% healthier, e-cigarettes industry has seen a boom in recent years providing the regular smoker and their family, respite from health hazards of tobacco cigarettes.

Switching to Vaping

Cancerous agent tar found in combustible tobacco cigarettes catapults the situation in negative for smokers as it is likely to be the cause of dangerous cancer among other ailments linked to tobacco smoking. Because of the absence of tar in e-cigarettes, we can easily uphold the notion of better ingredients, better food, with health taken care of.

Beneficial Vaping

Contrary to the wrong notion that e-cigarettes are more harmful than cigarettes, use of vapors can be availed to stop smokers from inhaling harmful tobacco smoke. Now that there are alternatives for nicotine intake, one can easily choose between nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges and lastly e-cigarettes that fulfill both the need to have nicotine and exhale clouds of smoke from within.

The work in this regard is revolutionary and getting better still with growing pace. Public Health England Health Review states new facts in 2018 building on their report of 2015, saying that e-cigarettes can be helpful in reducing 20,000 smokers per year in UK. PHE is working to include this method for quitting purposes in clinics and therapies.

Professor John Newton, Director for Health Improvement at PHE 

“It would be tragic if thousands of smokers who could quit with the help of an e-cigarette are being put off (e-cigarettes being dangerous) due to false fears about their safety.”

Can vaping too much, cause headaches?

It is important to understand here that although vaping does not pose any harm to health of vaper, it does have some side effects. None of these side effects are dangerous or detrimental like smoking tobacco cigarettes. The most common side effect of vaping is reported to be headaches.

Nicotine dilemma

Often mistaken to be a detrimental element, nicotine found in e-cigarettes is not a harmful ingredient and when taken in controlled and substantial quantity can be used regularly. The problem arises when addictive amounts of it are taken and makes one yearn for it more so, every day.

Factors for Headaches

An e-cigarette as mentioned above is not harmful but can have multiple side-effects owing to miscalculations of quantity. Among nausea, palpitations, dry-mouth, vaping causes headaches. Ratio, elements, or frequency may vary from person to person, brand to brand, quantity to quantity, but the guidelines are there for every vapor out there to pay heed to and then use e-cigarettes. Some of them face this issue immediately while some after they vape. Some of the reasons for these headaches include:

  • When you’re a beginner or when you don’t manage the Nicotine level or it is too high, it causes headaches.
  • E-liquids contain propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin and when the ratio does not mix acutely to the need, it might cause a headache as well
  • Many people are allergic or sensitive to propylene glycol which can cause headaches as well as vegetable glycerin.
  • Nicotine poisoning; although rare, cause blood vessels to narrow and can cause searing headaches to vapors.
  • Another cause of vaping headaches is the length of the puffs one takes while vaping. It is evident that when used in high quantity the sessions can cause headaches.

How to get rid of vaping headaches

If you are suffering from vaping headaches, make sure to use these methods individually to understand the root cause of your headache. It is always beneficial to know the side effects of vaping so that you do not have any confusion about its effects on your health. Here are some of the most popular ways to get rid of vaping headaches:

  • It is essential that when vaping, one understands the root cause of the problem, tend to its cause and get the solution. More often than not, people will be prone to headaches because of the irregularities in the usage of e-cigarettes and they must pay attention to their vaping habits and look for reasons.
  • If you’re still a beginner, use e-liquids in minimal quantity, to make sure that the nicotine level is not too high and if you’re a regular vapor, use fluctuation of e-liquids to figure out if the level of headaches drops down.
  • The compound propylene glycol has dehydrating attributes that can dry your mouth when you vape, so make sure you have water nearby to avoid it.
  • Using e-liquids with more vegetable glycerin would mean lesser propylene glycol, which is another method to avoid headaches
  • Try shifting from one e-liquid to another to make sure there aren’t headaches anymore.
  • If your headaches still persist, book an appointment with your physician to reach a more authentic conclusion.

The next time you’re on the go or about to vape in the leisure, be sure to keep a water bottle nearby and take small sips every time you vape and notice your side-effects. If it persists, use different brands of liquids, and keep a low quantity of nicotine, so that you can stay healthy to the maximum and avoid the harm and vaping headaches.

Try Nicotine Free E Liquids and Get Rid of Vaping Headache

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