E-Cigarette Safety: Is Vaping Water Dangerous?


Have you ever wondered if you can vape water or not?

If you are a vaper, chances are that you have given some thoughts to it and wonder why one can’t vape water too, just like a regular e-liquid. Needless to say, you are not the only vaper who has had this thought.

  • Industry insight

E-cigarettes are used to help people trying to quit smoking and more people are now acquiring these products and devices from regulated manufacturers. The reason is that vaping offers safer, healthier approach towards one’s addiction.

Be it nicotine or just plain tobacco addiction, vaping is more viable in terms of relaxation results and nicotine-acquisition. Flavors, accessories, mods, pods systems, are offered by regulated brands. FDA, MHRA and other regulatory bodies are now admitting that the usefulness of vaping is quite abundant.

  • Vaping timeline

Vaping has taken a toll in just a few years and many people, in particular, the youth have joined the trend to make use of these products.

When you are a beginner-level vaper, the world seems to have endless opportunities. You are constantly thinking about all the substances and liquids that can be vaped so that you buy new flavors and enhance your overall vaping experience. There is not even a tinge of doubt that vaping is addictively-amazing.

The best part is: unlike smoking tobacco cigarettes, it is not harmful to your health. This is exactly why, over the last couple of years, smokers are quitting smoking and transitioning towards vaping.

  • Vaping and health

Countless studies have been done in this regard that concludes the same point: vaping is not detrimental to health and that vaping and smoking are worlds apart. The reason is, tobacco cigarettes have a cancer-causing agent called tar, whereas vape pens only have regulated amounts of nicotine that can also be found in inhalers.

Coming back to e-liquids and different types of substances that can be vaped, it is natural for you to wonder if you can vape water or not. So let’s get started:

  • Can You Vape Water?

Well, at first this question does seem simple but actually, it is not. Vaping water is synonymous to inhaling extremely hot boiling steam. In doing the act, there are chances that you might end up burning your mouth or even your lungs that can lead to pneumonia.

Water is sometimes used for high concentrations of VG juices as it makes the juice wick more easily. Similarly, vapers who have PG allergies also used distilled water to cut the concentration from 5 to 15% depending on their personal choice or requirement.

  • Alcohol and vape

It is quite interesting to note that there are a lot of reasons not to vape alcohol with the first being that it is complex to get the right amount. The reason it is not at all safe is that it gets diffused into the blood rather than the liver and that is detrimental

  • Reasons for not vaping water

Here are some of the most valid reasons why you should not even think of vaping water:

  • Damage

When water is put into your vape pen and it gets heated to a high level of temperature, it can very easily damage the insides of your mouth and throat. The damage from vaping water can stay with you forever. Another problem with vaping water is that your vape pen will get damaged, as it is only made for e-liquids.

  • No flavor

One of the most common reasons for vaping is a flavor. In the market, you can find a countless number of interesting e-liquid flavors as per your choice. But when you vape water, there will be no flavor obviously. Even if you do add some flavor into the water, it won’t be worth the effort.

  • No nicotine

One of the main reasons why vaping is beneficial is the use of nicotine as an alternative Another thrill of vaping is the nicotine ingredient in e-liquids. When you are vaping water, there would be no nicotine and it would leave no impact on your mood or body.

  • No fun

Who does not love to blow huge vape clouds and compete with their friends? Well, if you vape water, you won’t be able to make vape clouds either. Once you inhale water through your vape pen, it would either burn your mouth or immediately turn back into the water. This means, there will be no heavy vape clouds either.

Hopefully, after reading these reasons and how vaping water can be harmful to your health, you have gotten the answer to your question. Have any questions? Let us know in the comments section.

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