When it comes to Vape Mods, E Cig Mods,  Longhorn Vapor makes sure you don't run out of options. We at Longhorn Vapor  deal in all kinds and sorts of Mods, be it Box Mods or Temperature Control Mods, you name it. With almost more than 50 different mod options, we make sure you don't run out of options when buying a new mod for your vaping experience.

Diversity of styles we offer:

People behind the most extensive Vape retailer believe in diversity. We believe in putting out all the options there are in front of our customers in one place and let them decide whats best for them. We that having in mind, we provide you not only the most extensive mod options, but we cover all styles of mods too. Longhorn Vapor offers Battery Mods, Box Style Mods, Temperature Control Mods, Digital mods and Mechanical Mods.

Factors to consider before buying a E Cig Mod:

Before you go on towards our wide variety of Mods and get yourself one, ask yourself a few questions. What wattage suits you? What style of Mod would suit you? Do you need basic essentials like Micro USB charging or do you need high-end devices which offer replaceable batteries? Do know your preferences before you spend your money and choose the one which is the best for you.

Battery Style Mods

Battery style Mods are for all of you newbies, it is a simple E-Cigarette Stick. It comes with some basic essentials like Micro USB charging for easy charging and small batteries. Constant Voltage mods and RGB LEDs are some of the features it offers.

Box Mods

Box mods the most simple and easy to use mods out there. They consist of a literal box, filled with all the components of the E-Cigarette and most importantly, it comes with a computer chip which is responsible for all of the action that takes place inside. Box mods can either have an internal battery or a slot for rechargeable/non-rechargeable batteries.

Temperature Control Mods

Temperature control Mods are the ones that come to your mind when you think about those high end Vape Mods. It automatically calculates the resistance of the vape Coil being used and sets the temperature according the resistance of the coil. All of the action is being done automatically, but it also lets you be the driver of your ride too. Set temperate to your preference with Temperature Control Mods (link).

Digital Mods

Digital Mods are the most advanced type of mods are there. Having a CPU installed in it that does all the calculations digitally. It allows you to actually see your custom settings i.e Wattage, temperature along with different type of innovative mods. All that with a digital display to see all of your amazing custom settings.

Mechanical Mods

Mechanical Mods are for the old schools who like their vape the old way. It has a battery constantly providing power to the coils. These are used  for Sub Ohm Tanks and for Vape sports. Caution: It provides extremely dense clouds.