Vape Coil replacement: HOW TO

Vape Coil replacement

In this era of modernism where most of the stereotypical things are being replaced by modern, futuristic tech the smoking community is being evolved too.  Where cigarettes were being replaced by E-Cigarettes, for example Longhorn Vape – A modern cloud  machine. In this article, we will teach you some basic ways of how to change a vape coil.
After buying your new vape it’s always better to know how to maintain it and it’s obviously possible that after some time you’d have to replace the components of your vape machine. The most important component of a vaper is the atomizer or the  vape coil which is also the most used component of it as with every puff, it’s being used. This makes the vape coil get old and rusty after some specific period of time, depending upon the model  you’re using.

When to change:

One day all of a sudden when you’re all excited to vape and waiting for that perfect cloud but suddenly instead of the delicious juice taste you taste something burnt, the cloud is coming out to be lesser than expected and your atomizer is giving you leak issues, these would be the symptoms of your atomizer screaming to be replace the  coil by a better, newer one.

How to change vape coil:

To change your atomizer, simply follow these simple steps

  1. Empty the previous juice remaining inside the atomizer
  2. Unscrew the old atomizer and take the chimney off the base
  3. Take out used – burnt vape coil from inside
  4. Replace the old vape coil with the new one
  5. Screw back the atomizer

However be advised, there is no universal way of changing a vape coil, every E-cigarette have a different technique from each other, YouTube would be a good resource of knowing the perfect way of changing coil from your specific model.

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