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Buy Clearomizer Tanks in USA

Longhorn Vapor is a USA based company which has been providing it’s users with the best accessories of vapes from quite a few years now. Coming from the heart of vaping that is California, Longhorn Vapor is aligned with the interest of vapors and has been providing quality services to them ever since by retailing in brands like Clown E-Liquid. We here at longhorn Vapor deal in various components of Vaping. Having a wide variety of E-liquids, plenty of Mods, a good  collection of kits, Tanks (Ex. Clearomizer Tanks) and accessories. All that along with a choice for you to enjoy the branded life and shop from branded retail variety.

Tanks at Longhorn Vapor

Longhorn Vapor is one of the biggest retailer in USA when it comes to Tanks. We deal in all kinds of different tanks, ranging from RDAs to Sub Ohms, you name it, we have it all. Not only that, we have a diverse variety of products in each of our amazing tank categories. Having Tanks of all shapes and sizes, Longhorn Vapor is proud to have one of the largest databases of Tank Varieties. We, at Longhorn Vapor believe in superior quality and top notch standards. Anything less from that wouldn't be entertained, so what are you waiting for?.

What are Clearomizer Tanks?

Clearomizer Tanks are one of the newest technologies to hit the vaping world. These are some minimal looking tanks which don't only look nice but function very well too. Long story short, Clearomizer Tanks have a large transparent compartment instead of a steel or copper E-Liquid compartment. This helps you see how much of the juice is left inside of your tank.. Clearomizers come with a Silica Wick which is a silicone compound with higher Melting point. Clearomizers also come in different  shapes and sized but all of them are mostly similar, like the Kanger ProTank 3 is a smaller size but Pyrex FBC Tank has a relatively longer size