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quit smoking slowly

If you are searching on internet or asking around, how to quit smoking slowly, know that you are not alone. Tobacco cigarettes consist of a cancer-causing agent called tar. Tar can result in individuals getting serious diseases such as cancer. Due to the awareness of its disadvantages, many smokers are on the road to quit smoking slowly.  Once a person quits smoking, they see a number of positive changes happening in their body. Their lungs, arteries and heart start on the mission of self-repairing themselves. The skin starts to look more clear and smooth.

As breath of smokers mostly have tobacco smell, when you quit it – your breath will improve. The yellowness from your teeth will start to lessen and the fingernails will lose their yellow color too, they will be back on their ordinary color.

Anyone who smokes and wants to quit it has the fear of gaining weight. It is not a secret that ex-smokers do gain weight once they have quit. To be factual, smoker who quit gain around 11 pounds in the first year after they have quit.

This is not a type of situation you’d want to be in, of course. We all know how celebrities do smoking specially to lose some extra calories. Nicotine is known to increase metabolic rate and also suppress appetite.

So now the question is, how do you not gain weight after quitting smoking? The answer is not that difficult. In this article, we will be exploring two of the ways, using which you can quit smoking gradually and still not gain weight.

Slow and Steady

While some people start rigorously and throw away their cigarettes immediately, it is not the right approach. Anything that is done quickly cannot be continued for a longer amount of time.

According to Edwin fisher, PhD, co-author of the American Lung Association’s ‘How to quit smoking without gaining weight’, the best approach is a systematic approach. He says, one should plan in advance. Set a date, time or month when you want to quit. Prepare by trying out new routines and lifestyle. For instance, walking or joining a gym.

As quitting smoking is a slow process, another way is to start eating healthier already. ‘When you are preparing to quit, improving the healthiness of your diet will help you minimize weight gain’, Fischer says.


Quit smoking slowly and start vaping. According to a recent academic article, published by an international group of health researchers, vaping can be one of the ways by which you can avoid gaining weight. The study was published in the journal, Nicotine and Tobacco Research in which the scientists have explored the influence of nicotine on body and how it affects it. As e cigarettes have nicotine, they can be used in place of tobacco cigarettes. The authors found out that e cigarettes can help in tackling with cravings of certain foods.

The nicotine component in vape products help ex-smokers in getting their addiction fulfilled while keeping them away from smoking tobacco cigarettes. The three authors of the article are, Marewa Glover, Linda Bauld,

“People can change their nicotine content, so to quit smoking they might start off on a higher strength e-liquid and then they can taper down really quite gradually in a much more sophisticated way than they can with NRT, which is probably good for weight maintenance and for weight loss,” co-author, Linda Bauld, of the article said.

Bauld further said that anyone who was a smoker and is afraid of gaining unnecessary weight, using a vape can actually help them in suppressing the yearning for nicotine. With time, the body will get habitual to less amount of nicotine too.

Tips for quitting smoking slowly

Here are some of the tips that will help you immensely in quitting smoking gradually and not gaining any weight:

  • Increase your daily intake of water. Your target for everyday should be at least 8 glasses of water, according to Fischer. The intake of water will keep your body hydrated, you will not feel less (as you won’t be having cigarettes, less nicotine in your body can make you feel dull). On a side note, it will also keep your mind busy.
  • As you have quit smoking, your mind will ask you to do snacking or munch on junk. This is where you need to stop yourself. If you find yourself yearning to eat or having a bite, go for healthier options. Instead of eating junk food, go for vegetables, fresh fruits, juices, and shakes. For a change, you can also try almonds, pistachios. Do not try items that have high levels of sugar, fats or carbohydrates. They will make you gain weight.
  • Be prepared that you will have cravings for smoking. It is not easy else everyone would have done it already. If you can try vaping, it is a good option to quit smoking slowly. It will also give you some nicotine, which your body is accustomed to already.
  • To keep yourself motivated, joining a support group can do wonders for you. When you’ll meet other ex-smokers and listen to their stories, it will keep you focus on the end goal.
  • The first few weeks are going to be the most difficult but don’t worry. You can do this. Keep a check on yourself and remind yourself that this will help you in becoming healthier. You can absolutely quit smoking without gaining weight.

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