Does Vape Juice Expire?

does vape juice expired

Can your vape juice expire?

Are you also curious if the collection of your vape juices is going to expire or not? In this blog, we will tell you the specifics about the expiry and if it is safe to vape the outdated e juices.

Every e liquid available in the market has an expiry date due the presence of the perishable ingredients in them. In this regard, the expiration date is only an estimation of the date implying that the content in the e juice is no longer guaranteed to be of the same quality as when it was when purchased.

Furthermore, every vape juice or e liquid product has a shelf life, meaning that after that time, the product won’t be of the same quality. But then again, not every e liquid would have the same shelf-life. Some are long-lasting and they would yield the same quality even after a year, while some can have a short lifespan of few weeks or a month. And that accounts for safety. But if you we talk about flavors, the taste of e liquids will depend upon the brand you use. Some can lose the flavor in a year while some will offer the same flavor even after couple of years.

The main ingredients of e-liquids are Nicotine, PG and VG. The entire e juice has an established shelf life of 2 years under certain conditions. However, it should be noted that when the vape juice is exposed to sunlight or an extreme heat, its components begin to break down sooner.  Now a layman would ask, what does breaking down of components mean and how will it affect the product? Well, the break down simply means that they lose the original state which changes the flavor into something different. It is recommended that you don’t use that e liquid after that.

How can we save our e liquids or prolong its expiry?

Well, it’s true if you won’t take care of your collection, chances are the your e juice will expire sooner. How do we avoid that?

Better storage

Certain environmental conditions play an important role in saving your delicious vape liquids. It should be kept in mind that whenever you buy a product, you don’t expose them to sunlight and heat. Also make sure that the bottle is properly sealed so that air doesn’t come in and contaminate it with bacteria.

Some people fill the liquid in tinted bottles as they do a pretty good job in keeping it clear from sunlight. Also, if you care about the costs, then it sure is the most cost-effective way of keeping your e juice last longer.

It is also recommended that if write a date of purchase on your bottle to keep it in check. Many vape lovers have absolutely no idea about the day they bought the product because they have a collection of it and it’s hard to keep a check on every bottle. So, writing a date on the bottle can also give you an idea whether it is safe to use.

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