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Buy Drip Tips at Longhorn Vapor

Drip Tips are one of the latest innovations in the Vape market. It is a small tube with is to be attached on top of your tank. A Drip Tip, also known as a mouthpiece not only eliminates the use of a cartridge or a cartomizer, it also enhances your over all vaping experience. Drip Tips come in all shapes and sizes, some of them are tall and thin like the Long Refilling Drip Tip. But on the other hand some are thick but small and small for example the Friction Fit Drip Tips (B-Type). Customized Drip Tips are also very popular nowadays as different shapes in a Drip Tip is one of the new trend (Novelty Drip Tips). Drip Tips come in various making material like Steel, Ceramic, Plastic, Titanium and so on. These making material obviously alter your vape experience too. For example if you're the vapor who likes his clouds cooled down, Steel Drip Tip is the right one for you. As it cools down really quickly gives you that mild temperature you badly carve for.