Longhorn Vapor deals in a vast variety of E-liquids. For our customers, we keep all types and genres of flavors in stock. From the Fruity Collection to Naked 100’s sweet flavors, Longhorn Vapor has got you covered. We have been dealing in premium E-Liquids for quite a time now and today we’re providing E-Liquids from almost 50 brands. Now you can choose the best flavor for your taste buds from Longhorn Vapor, Order now to avail offers like free shipping over $50. However, there are a few things to know before buying your new E-Liquid for you Vape:

1. Bases of E-Liquids

Bases are the liquids in which concentrated amount of Flavors are to be added. One general misunderstanding in new vapers is that Bases have their own flavor too, however that’s not true. Bases in E-Liquids basically contain PG (Propylene glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) as the major ingredients in the making of these Bases. While buying your E-liquid, you need to know what your satisfaction type is. VG is all for Viscosity and denser clouds whereas PG provides you a stronger throat hit and greater flavor intensity.

2. Nicotine Levels

Different E-liquids might have different Nicotine levels. We all know nicotine in E-Liquids are measured in milligrams (weight) per milliliter (volume). Hence total amount of nicotine also increase with the increase in measure for E-Liquids while keeping the concentrations the same but it is possible that volume of the E-Liquid remains the same yet Nicotine level increases. Standard nicotine levels in an E-Liquid are 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. (That is if the E-Liquid is not Nicotine free)

3. Diversity Of flavors

Before buying your new E-Liquid, you need to know that there is a very vast variety of flavors we offer at Longhorn Vapor. So before you buy an E-Liquid yourself make sure you have surveyed the site well according to your taste and have chosen the best flavor for yourself. Make sure you have your eyes on our SALE items, they can be gold!

4. Featured Brands

We at Longhorn Vapor make sure we give you the best of the best, hence making it easy for you people, do check out our feature brands i.e. Naked 100 Series, VG Collection, Vape Breakfast Collection and Jam Monster Collection. All of these are among our best sellers, do check them out we are sure they won’t disappoint you.

5. Private Collection

While going through our website, you might have noticed we have a private collection in store for you too. That’s our own production and top picks for best selling flavors, they don’t belong to any other brand instead they are exclusively offered at Longhorn Vapor.