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E-Liquids at Longhorn Vapor:

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Déjà vu E-Liquid Details:

Déjà vu E-Liquid is a breakfast E-liquid designed to energize your mornings. It has been handcrafted with perfection to bring the real you out of yourself. As the name implies, Déjà vu E-Liquid would take you back to the happy days, the happy days. It has been made with complete devotion and utmost standards to provide you with one of the best vaping experiences of all times.Longhorn Vapor is currently providing only one best seller from the makers of Déjà vu E-Liquid. That is namely Deja Vu E-Liquid  this is a strong blend of fruit loops cereal milk and a bit of sweetness. But sure isn’t that overpowering as well. Just as perfect as you want your breakfast to be.  Comes in a normal cap bottle which has a volume of 60ml, enough for quite a few time no? Not only that, Déjà vu also offers you a choice to choose nicotine content of your liking, you can either choose from 0mg, 3mg or 6mg nicotine. Don’t know what these levels mean? Check out our main page to know more about nicotine levels.