Why Longhorn?

Beginning from California, Longhorn vapor has set up its name as the greatest retailer of vaping items. Managing in an extensive variety of E-Liquids (Ex. DIY E-Liquids), many sorts of Mods and a great number of Kits alongside numerous other accessories. Not just this, we also deal in all the branded items you need for your vape session making us a one stop answer for all the vaping fans for their vape shopping. We have faith in giving our clients the best items in the most  affordable prices possible.

E-Liquids at Longhorn

We bargain in more than 30 Premium E Liquid brands which are just produced using the finest quality materials. You will discover E fluid brands like Jam Monster E liquids, Naked 100 E-Liquids and Ethos Vapors at our store which are loved by the entire vaping community around the world. We try to give you complete freedom in choosing your desired Nicotine Level and keep accessible every one of the choices which are there. Still not certain about Nicotine Levels? Check our Nicotine Level guide for more information.

DIY E-Liquids:

Longhorn aims to be a solution to your vaping  needs. Introducing Do It Yourself E liquids. We proudly present individual ingredients of E liquids so you can create your own mixtures, which no one else can. These are produced under strict quality control supervision, so quality is one thing you need not to worry about.Longhorn Vapor Co. Nicotine E-Liquid is one of the basic ingredients used in E liquids. The varying levels of nicotine are a deciding factor when buying an E liquid and often can lead to change in choices depending upon available levels of Nicotine.Vegetable Glycerin, which adds a little bit of sweetening flavor to the E liquids, can create a noteworthy change in all the E liquid flavors. All E liquid flavors contain around 50% to 90% of vegetable glycerin which add to its sweetness. However now, you can change the sweetness level of the E liquid that you always skipped due to its sournessPropylene Glycol is the ingredient which makes the cloud to form a smoke-like formation. Now, you can make denser clouds with adding Propylene Glycol and set the mood according to your desire.All these ingredients are available in two offerings, a 100ml bottle and a 473 ml bottle and Longhorn Vapor strictly advises you not to vape them directly without diluting them with other e liquids.