Why Longhorn Vapor?

Longhorn Vapor deals in a vast variety of E-liquids. For our customers, we keep all types and genres of flavors in stock. From the Fruity Collection to Naked 100’s sweet flavors, Longhorn Vapor has got you covered. We have been dealing in premium E-Liquids for quite a time now and today we’re providing E-Liquids from almost 30 brands. Now you can choose the best flavor for your taste buds from Longhorn Vapor. Order Kilo Moo series now and enjoy the world famous E-Liquid sensation.

Kilo Moo E-Juice:

Kilo Moo E-Juice were first launched in 2014 and since then the ride has been uphill. People behind Kilo Moo E-Juice believe in their artesian product, and no doubt their art can be read easily when you blow that cloud denser than anything else, tastier than anything you’ve ever tasted.Kilo Moo E-Juice has their stability in the ever growing market up to the mark. According to them the stability of the company is constructed around five fundamental values cultivated by the founders: Passion, Integrity, Sophistication, Creativity, and Patience. That’s would be enough to know about the company, now let’s have a look at their products. Kilo Moo E-Juice is a premium E-Juices product from Kilo themselves for the upper class vape lovers. An addition to Kilo’s unique touch to E-Juices, as the name suggests Kilo Moo has a bit of milky taste in each one of their flavors. The luxury of brand can be seen through the creative bottle design with has a cow’s black and white spots all over its cap. Although these are a bit more expensive than the normal ones but rest assured they all do taste as good as their prices.Longhorn Vapor is currently offering 6 products from the Kilo Moo E-Juice series. That are, Coffee Milk E-Liquid, Vanilla Almond Milk E-Liquid, Strawberry Milk E-Liquid, Neapolitan Milk E-Liquid, Blueberry Milk E-Liquid, Banana Milk E-Liquid While all six of these have their own unique flavor, the signatory touch of Kilo can be easily seen in all three of them. All six of them come in a 60ml dripper bottle with giving you the option to choose between four nicotine levels; no nicotine, 3mg nicotine, 6mg nicotine and even 12mg nicotine for the nicotine lovers.