Why Longhorn Vapor?

Since the rise of vaping culture worldwide, Longhorn Vapor has been a key player in providing quality services to the vaping community. We deal in various vaping components, namely, Mods, Kits, Tanks, E-Liquids and various vaping Accessories. We at Longhorn are devoted towards our customers and have a vision to provide 100% superior quality products to the community (Ex. SVRF E-Liquid). Hard work and quality are some of the qualities that have bought Longhorn Vapor  to the top of their vaping game. Providing amazing quality products from the top brands worldwide, today, Longhorn Vapor proudly boasts its superiority over others.

E-Liquids at Longhorn Vapor:

Longhorn Vapor acknowledges the fact that E-Liquids play the key role in amping user’s vape experience and a good E-Liquid is all it takes to have a satisfying vape. Today, Longhorn proudly boasts it’s 30+ brand collection in the E-Liquids category, providing more than 150 different E-Liquids. Along with amazing flavors, we personally handpick the best of the best brands for you to enjoy the premium experience. All that to lessen the hassle for you to choose a great E-Liquid brand. Having E-Liquids from brands like Bazooka E-Liquid, Naked 100 Creme Collection, SVRF E-Liquid etc., Longhorn Vapor has them all. Not only amazing brands, but also unmatched prices, what else could one ask for?

SVRF E-Liquid:

Ever wondered why all E-Liquids are funky in nature and describe colors? Ever thought about that perfect E-Juice that is filled with class, elegance and attitude? Good, because we have to. Hence, SVRF E-Liquid is presented to you as the most classy E-Liquid out there. On the first glance, the bottle itself is designed as simple as possible; the font used the colors combined, epic!Currently Longhorn Vapor is dealing in 3 of these amazing E-Liquids. The first one is, Refreshing E-Liquid by SVRF. This E-Liquid is all about relaxation, as portrayed by its name. Having that perfect blend of papaya, mango, and cantaloupe, it sure is a PICK ME UP E-Liquid. The second one is, Satisfying E-Liquid by SVRF, again, the name doing its job perfectly in describing the E-Liquid. This one's a bit more luxurious and fulfilling. A sweeter iteration of their products, Satisfying E-Liquid contains raspberry and dragon fruit iced tea. Last but not the least, of course, the Balanced E-Liquid to hit you right in the middle, sweet yet sour. Contains a smooth blend of coconut and a mixture of creams.All E-Liquids sold by SVRF E-Liquids are VG maxed out to give you a strong flavor with the fluffiest clouds ever. All three of them in the 60ml Gorilla styled bottle, very similar to Unicorn Styled bottles. In addition to all these, SVRF E-Liquids allows you to choose your favorite nicotine intensity. You can  choose from 0mg, 3mg or 6mg nicotine  strengths.