Why Longhorn Vapor?

Being a California based vaping company, coming from the heart of vaping, we ensure our vaping hardware is up to the most noteworthy standard of the vaping world. We provide you with a wide assortment of E-Liquids (Ex. Drip factory E-Liquid), Mods, Accessories, Kits and even Branded vape parts. All we need our clients to have are quality items on lesser costs.

E-Liquids at Longhorn

Longhorn Vapor is the most noteworthy company with regards to E-Liquid's retail showcase. We at Longhorn vapor feel proud to provide you with more than 30 E liquid Brands. This massive variety of E-Liquids isn't just from the best brands , but  a collection of the most remarkable flavors too. Having premium E-Liquids like Drip Doctor E-Liquid, Kilo series, Drip Factory E-Liquid and so on. Longhorn not only provides the finest of E-Liquids, but also offers them at the best possible prices. It doesn’t end here, we also give you some great discounts from time to time, So don’t be late and head on to our discount page before you miss out on something you would never want to.

Drip Factory E-Liquid:

The Drip factory E-Liquid is for all the gum and candy lovers. After years of hardwork, Drip Factory E-Liquids have made a big name of themselves in the vaping world. Longhorn Vapor deals in three products by the Drip factory E-Liquid.The Heavenly Haze E-Liquid is bursting with chewy gum and has a sweet and mellow Pineapple flavor to enhance your vape session. Peachy Pipes E-Liquid has a taste of chewy gum bursting with a peach base. Sweet Silos E-Liquid is the perfect choice for all the sugar lovers as it is a sugary coated flavor with watermelon base that gives you the ultimate sweet touch in your vape sessionAll the flavors are being sold in 90ml dropper bottles in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine levels. The dropper bottles are the perfect solution for hassle free refilling and spill protection.