Electronic Cigarettes: When, Where, How and if you Should Vape

Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizers are actually battery devices that come with an atomizer, which is filled with a flavored e liquid. The battery gives power to coil so that liquid can be vaporized and the user can inhale it. This process is known as vaping e cigs.

Now unlike tobacco cigarettes, e cigarettes are a far safer and better option. Especially for chain smokers who are having a hard time in quitting smoking, switching to electronic cigarettes can be beneficial for them and their health. While tobacco cigarettes have a cancer-causing agent called tar, e cigs do not contain any such elements. They only have a regulated amount of nicotine that is not injurious to health.

If you are thinking about vaping or are a beginner level vaper, you might be unaware about the basics of vaping e cigs. Here we have created a brief guide on when, where and how you should vape electronic cigarettes.

When to vape e cigarettes

You can vape e cigarettes whenever you feel like. As they are not harmful for your health, you don’t have to worry about damaging your health in any way. If you are chain smoker and for years have been trying to quit it, switch to e cigs slowly and see the difference yourself. Although it would take you months to completely switch from tobacco cigarettes but it would certainly be worth it. Also if you have never tried smoking and vaping fascinates you, you should go for it and see why everyone is addicted to it.

Electronic cigarettes

Where to vape electronic cigarettes

One of the biggest problems of tobacco cigarettes is that smokers have an unpleasant smell in their mouths once they have smoked. When you are vaping e-cigs, you can vape them anywhere as they leave no smell in your mouth except for pleasant and flavored smells. As vaping is not injurious even to the vaper, the concept of passive vaping does not exist, unlike passive smoking. You can vape with anyone (whether they are vapers or not) without worrying about their health or any negative effects vaping might have on them.

How to vape e cigs

There are a number of ways by which you can vape e-cigs and get the most out of the experience. Here are the two most popular methods:

Mouth hit

The mouth hit, evident from its name, is the type where the vaper inhales the vapor directly into the mouth before it passes through to the lungs. This method is used by individuals who are habitual to smoking filtered cigarettes and thus are familiar with it.

Lung hit

In the lung hit method, the vaper draws vapor into his lungs directly. Although vapor does pass through the mouth it is not held there. This method is mostly used by experienced vapers who want to blow huge vape clouds.

I hope that after going through this article, you have not only understood what vaping and e-cigarettes are but also when, how and where to vape cigarettes. Happy vaping, folks!

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