Everything You Need To Know About Steeping Vape Juice


Things most people don’t know about Steeping Vape Juice

If you are friends with advanced vapers, you might have heard the term ‘steeping’. But what does it actually mean? Well, it’s a hack that can make your vaping experiences so much better. Let’s find out more about it in this e juice steeping guide!

What does it mean to steep?

Without talking about how oxidation process happens, taking a rather rational example would definitely make it easier for you to understand.

Sometimes food comes in large portions and it’s hard to swallow all of that. You pack it and refrigerate it for the next day. What happens to those left overs? They taste so much better, don’t they? You bet they do. There is a science behind it; a science of diffusion. It’s not a chemistry lecture but understanding how diffusion works is the first easy step and a key to mastering the art of steeping. It has something to do with the movement of substances present in the dish. When those substances move from higher concentrated region to a lower concentration region, the intricate interplay of diffusion starts to happen.

Similarly, when you put tea leaves in the hot water, the palatable infusion happens. You take a sip and feel that all the ingredients are well-balanced. That tea my friend, is absolutely steeped!

And how is this concept related to vaping? Does it work?

Good question!

A crisp answer is, like other foods or edibles, your e liquid works pretty much the same way. Hence, steeping is a way to go even in vaping. It’s no rocket-science!

You can say steeping is the last stage in forming a perfect vape juice. You can achieve that level of absoluteness in your vape juice by letting it rest in an air tight bottle. Some perform the act, others don’t. Ones who do steep their juices get to experience the true essence of vaping. Every hit tells a tale about how the flavor was contrived, and the processes that occurred afterwards.

How to tell if your e juice needs steeping?

Fortunately, many big brands take a great deal of time and energy to craft a perfect vape juice for its customers. That sets them apart from the ordinary vape brands. If you are buying from reputable brands, chances are that your e juice would already be steeped. However, there are some brands in the market that only care about its productivity irrespective of what quality they offer. There are some ways you can get to know if your e juice is steeped or not.

Notice the color and taste

If you are a nicotine lover, you would know that a steeped e juice has a dark brown accent in its color. Try noticing that and surely you would be able to recognize the difference between a steeped and an e juice that isn’t steeped at all. In case it doesn’t give you a clear idea, you can also taste it to see if it has a smooth alcohol taste. If it does, your e juice is likely to be steeped. If it isn’t, we got you covered with the ways you can steep an e liquid.

Steeping your E liquid

There are three steps that are crucial in the steeping process.

Store it at a safe place

Place your vape juice at a cool place and make sure the bottle is closed properly. In this way you will see the desired results within weeks.

Be patient!

Because it’s worth it, folks.

Some vape juices take a long time to steep while other juices don’t; it is important that you understand that. Secondly, check the expiration dates of your product, because it will let you understand how much time it will need to get steeped. On average, e liquids can take around 1-2 weeks, while there are some that can take couple of weeks or maybe months. For instance, if you own creamy flavors, you might want to let it rest for 3 weeks approximately. On the other hand, steeping fruit e juice will take less time.

Let it breathe!

Breathing is important; we all agree on this one.

Let your E juice breathe every once in a while to let it evaporate. It is recommended that you let the cap open for couple of hours. However, don’t let it out in the open for long; you don’t want a dead floating mosquito in your bottle.

Stretching is important (don’t know what that means?)

You have to use the combination of both i.e. steep and breath. You can do it by shaking your bottles then letting it float in mildly hot water or under a warm tap. Then uncap it and let it cool at someplace quiet for couple of hours. Lastly, cap it tightly and shake it a bit.

What it does is, it makes your e liquid so much balanced when it comes to its viscosity.

Don’t have the time to wait?

Don’t worry! We have got just the right method to steep your e juice quickly. Although, it is not preferred by the experts as the natural way is more effective. So, you should treat this as your last resort if you can’t wait out.

We all have come to know how letting a liquid rest for couple of days or weeks can improve its quality. We can speed the process up by agitating the e juice. This way, it will take lesser time to diffuse. Although, it should be noted that no more than 90 F temperate is applied to your e juice, otherwise, it will get spoiled. Just to reinforce the method, following are the steps:

  •        Put your e liquid bottles in a mildly warm water (make sure the water isn’t too hot)
  •        Let them rest in the water for about an hour
  •        Uncap the bottle heads to release the unwanted gases out
  •        Cap the bottle again and shake it well

Bottom line

There are many other ways to improve the quality of  e liquid but the steps that are mentioned in this blog are most preferred and has been used by vapers for many years now. Follow the guidelines and you will definitely yield amazing results. Best of luck!

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