Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Vaping better than smoking?

Smoking tobacco cigarettes and vaping/e-cigarette are entirely two different things. Tobacco has a cancer-causing agent called tar while e-cigs do not have any such hazardous health issues. Tar constitutes more than 70 carcinogens and is produced when the tobacco in cigarettes is burnt. E-cigs, on the other hand, do not have any tar in their vapor.

Does vaping encourage smoking?

In reality, it is quite opposite to this. Studies have shown that vaping helps ex-smokers in keeping themselves away from smoking. Vaping provides them with a better and healthier alternative to satisfy their nicotine urge.

Are e-juice and e-liquid different things?

No, e-juice and e-liquid are same, while some people like to say e-juice, others prefer saying e-liquid. Another name is vape juice.

What are the ingredients of e-juice? Are they harmful?

Studies have shown vaping is much safer than traditional tobacco. Basically, an e-liquid has four ingredients: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine (regulated amount of nicotine) and flavoring.

What is the difference between vapes and Juul?

Juul is the name of a vape brand, which was launched by Pax Labs. All the products made by the brand are simply termed as Juul. Juul along with many other products uses Salt-nic nicotine which imitates the throat hit of a cigarette to help smokers quit smoking.

My e-juice seems to become tasteless over time? Why?

When you vape an e-liquid flavor for an extended period of time, your taste buds stop figuring out the taste and you end up feeling like something is wrong with your e-juice. This is called vapor’s tongue. To start tasting the flavor again, you can either try a different flavor or eat a spicy food item to cleanse your palette.

What is meant by Rebuildable?

Rebuildable, just like their name allow vapers to build their own coils. Instead of purchasing a coil from the market, expert vapers build their own coils, according to their requirement. Not recommended for new vapers.

Does vape juice expire?

Just like any other food or edible item, vape juices also come with expiry date. To be certain about the expiry date of a particular e-liquid you would have to check its bottle. Generally, vape juices have an expiry date of 2 years or less, after that, they lose their original taste.

Can e-juice be prepared at home?

Yes, you can prepare e-juice at home easily. Although you might not be able to get the perfect flavor or consistency like the e-liquids being sold at vape shop, with practice – you can hone this skill.

What is the best VG/PG ratio?

It depends on your personal taste and preference. The ratio of VG/PG directly affects the consistency of your e-liquid. If there is more VG in e-liquid, you’d have a thicker e-juice and an e-liquid with higher PG will give more ‘throat hit’, which is liked by ex-smokers. If you have a 50/50 VG/PG ratio, you’d have a thin e-juice, if you have 80% VG and 20% PG, the e-liquid will be really thick. Mostly e-liquids have a 70/30 VG/PG ratio.

Is Nicotine dangerous for health?

The adverse effects of Nicotine can be avoided if used in regulated amount. Inhalers also have some amount of nicotine in it. When nicotine is consumed in a small dose, it acts as a stimulant and relaxes you but if used in high proportions, it can be really harmful to health.

Can I vape water?

No, you cannot vape water. The reason is that water requires a much higher temperature than an e-liquid to create vapor, and if that temperature is achieved the vapor will be extremely hot and might leave some burn scars. Be smart and DON’T attempt to do it.

Can I have a marijuana e-cig?

Yes, If your state allows it you can vape a marijuana e-cig, which is also better than smoking a joint.

Can I cancel my order?

If your order has not yet reached the processing state and hasn’t been dispatched yet, you can cancel your order by either calling customer service or emailing us with your order details. If your order has been dispatched, you cannot cancel it. But you can refuse to take the package at delivery time and it will be cancelled then.

My order is not correct, what do I do?

If the package you have received does not contain all the products you ordered or have different products than your order, please contact us immediately. Our customer representative will get in touch with you and after verifying your order details, will send you the correct package. Please do not use the products or tear off the packaging as we won’t be able to replace a product that is not available in its original condition. To ensure our customers get what is ordered we have extensive process to obtain video and photos of the products packaged.  

Can I apply a coupon code after I placed an order?

No, you cannot. Unfortunately, once you have ordered a product, it goes to the next stage and becomes unavailable for coupon codes. Please use a coupon code prior to placing an order to avail it.

Is vaping expensive compared to smoking?

No, if you look at the picture, for vaping you’d have to get a device once a year and e-liquids only after some time (depending on your usage). But for smoking, you have to constantly run to the store to buy cigarettes. Smoking requires constant investment from you while vaping only requires an overhead cost of purchasing the device.

Can I return back a product?

If you have received a product that has some manufacturing defects, you can return and get it exchanged. To do so, please request for return and exchange within the 30 days of your purchase.

Does every product come with a warranty?

Not every product in the industry comes with a warranty. Either the manufacturer does not offer warranty or Longhorn is unable to proceed with it. Some of the products that don’t have a warranty include batteries, e-liquids, tips & mouthpieces, mechanical mods, replaceable atomizers, coils, and pods.

If I request a refund for a product, will you refund the shipping charges too?

No, the shipping charges are non-refundable.