Five Things Vaping that all Longhorn Vapor Customers Should Know About Us

At Longhorn Vapor Company our business is vaping, and we believe that the e Liquids and equipment that we carry are the best products on the market.  But since so many of customers are new to vaping, we thought we would take a minute and outline our vaping philosophy.  After all, most of us have transitioned away from a product in cigarettes that did nothing positive for us, and we want you to be comfortable knowing that at Longhorn Vapor Company things are different.

  1. E-Liquids

Of course we know what is in them!  We make them in house!  We use Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavoring and in some cases Nicotine.

  1. Our e-Liquids are 100% made and bottled in the USA

One of the benefits of developing, creating, bottling and testing our liquids at our facility in Irving, Texas is that we can ensure that our e-liquids are of the highest quality.

  1. We offer a wide variety of Nicotine Levels To Our Customers

While we are not saying nicotine is completely safe; it is not the most dangerous ingredient in traditional cigarettes.  The main danger in smoking cigarettes comes from the act of combustion (basically lighting the cigarette) and the thousands of chemicals that action releases into your body upon inhaling.  And believe us, the tobacco companies have fine-tuned their product to make sure they are as addicting as possible. At Longhorn Vapor Company we allow you to choose your nicotine level.

  1. Vapers Come From All Demographics

A quick trip to any vape shop that carries our products and you will see a variety of consumers in the shop of all ages, ethnicities and financial status. What you won’t see in any Vape shop that carries Longhorn products are minors.  We absolutely refuse to sell to minors.

  1. We Care About Our Customers

We believe that the most important thing is the health and safety of all our customers and their families. That is why we quality control all our products, and have made safety improvements to our e Liquid bottles by including child safety caps.

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