Flying Vapes – What Are The TSA Vape Rules?

flying with vape

All thanks to airplanes, we can fly anywhere we want to. Gone are the days when people had to travel for days and months on end to reach their destination. As airplanes are used rigorously all over the world, it is only natural for airplanes to have strict regulations and rules to make them safe for everyone.  

In the United States, TSA has been given the responsibility of making airports and the flights as safe as possible. While majority of the regulations by TSA are pretty straightforward and clear like not having a weapon on you when you’re in an airport, the TSA regulations regarding vape are somewhat confusing.

Since terrorism has plagued the whole world, everyone is very careful when it comes travelling. If you have been on an international flight, you’d know how the airport security is absolutely tight and anything that might raise a concern in their mind will result in your going to an interrogation room with questions bombarded on you. For instance, if someone has an object that looks like a gun or an explosive thing – TSA will take it seriously and get to the bottom of the problem. They follow the rule, ‘better safe than sorry’. And if you do take a closer look, it is actually for the good of passengers and people in general.

TSA regulations are made, thereof to make the situation better. It not only helps passengers in knowing what they can carry and what they cannot when they are on an airport but also save a lot of time.

What is vape?

If you are not sure about what vaping is. It is defined as the act of inhaling vapor that is produced by an electronic cigarette or a vaporizer. The inhaled vapor is produced from different types of materials like e-liquid, dry herb, or concentrate. In today’s world, it is one the fastest growing industries in today’s world. The reason why vaping is becoming very popular in the world is that compared to traditional cigarettes, e cigarettes are not harmful in anyway. They do not have the cancer-causing agent, tar and you can easily vape them without having to worry about affecting your health.

During the process of vaping, e liquid is vaped. An e-liquid constitutes of four ingredients; vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, food-grade flavoring and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. Vegetable glycerin produces vapor. Propylene glycol can also be found in asthma inhalers and is added to antifreeze and to retain the flavor. Food-grade flavoring can be either natural or artificial, and has a lot of variations.

Vape devices come in several different sizes. For vaping you need a vape pen, battery and also a charger or an extra battery if you have them.  A typical e cigarette has an e liquid in it, which is vaporized through the process of heating when a vaper vapes it.

TSA Vape Rules

Given the current circumstances of the world, it should not a surprise for you that TSA has a number of regulations when it comes to flying with vape.

Along with terrorism, another reason why TSA rules are good is that you don’t want to risk a fire in the cabin or in the cargo, right? Everyone wants to be safe and let others around them to be safe. The TSA regulations regarding vape help vapers in knowing what they should and shouldn’t do.

In plain words, the Transport Security Administration which is short for TSA has clearly said that you cannot carry a vape pen or a device in your checked bag but it can be carried with you on an airport, even when you are on a flight in your carry-on bag.

A checked bag is the one, which is placed with the luggage of other passengers.  

A carry-on bag is the one you have by your side and take inside the airplane.

Here are a few of the suggestions when you are flying internationally with vape pen. Following these suggestions will help you in saving time and being asked questions by the airport security.


When it comes to vape batteries, they can be taken along on a flight. But it is necessary that you keep them protected from getting short.  By using a battery case, you can keep your vape batteries safe. Also the battery case will prevent any kind of accidental discharge. If you have a battery that is either shorted or damaged, do not travel with it.

It is not merely forbidden by the TSA top travel with damaged batteries but it is also dangerous.

Vape Mods

When you are flying with vape hardware, remember to:

Store the devices in an appropriate container. Once you are passing through the airport security check, disconnect your e cigarette battery from the atomizer. If the security alarm still starts beeping, hand over the parts to a TSA officer so that they do not have any doubts about you.

E juice

The second thing, which you have to be careful while flying internationally with vape pen is e juice. When you bring an e liquid on a plane, be certain that:

  • The amount of liquid does not exceed the TSA limit of 100 ml.
  • The container of e liquid should not be larger than 100ml either.
  • Place e liquid in a zip-top and clear plastic bag.

Instead of specifically telling the security guards that this is an e liquid bottle, simply carry it along as you would bring a long a shampoo or lotion bottle.

Build Tools

If you have build tools for your vape, be sure to check them again. If you have anything that is sharp, do not forget to wrap it finely. If you have screwdrivers with you, always keep them in your carry-on bag if they are shorter than 7 inches. If you have multi tools, keep them in your checked baggage.

As vaping is relatively new, there is a mighty chance that the TSA officer does not have any idea about build tools and have a suspicion about you. First of all, take a deep breath and play it cool. Do not take anything along with you if it is not necessary. Another good tip is to check the Household and Tools section of TSA’s official webpage called ‘What Can I Bring?. This will help you in saving your precious time.


Both atomizers and vape mods have same rules and regulations. It does not matter whether you have a tank atomizer, a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA), a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA or RDTA), they cannot be taken on a checked bag.

Always place your atomizer in a carry-on bag. As the airplane starts to fly, it results in change of air pressure. The air pressure can cause leakage in your atomizer and can ruin your vape mod if it is installed on it. Thereof, always remove your atomizer from the vape and put it in a bag that can be sealed.

Another good tip is that the atomizer is completely empty of any e juice. This way, even if the air pressure results in leakage of atomizer – the e juice will not be wasted at all.


For containers, do not choose a glass container as they can easily be broken. The vape batteries should be placed in a carry-on bag. Pack them separately and do not forget to seal them as you don’t want them to get in contact with each other and unfortunately result in a fire or explosion. Do not be shy of investing in a reliable battery carrying case, it is worth the money.

Once you have everything covered and safe for TSA, the next step is to make sure every aspect regarding vaping laws has been explored. For a start, check the vaping laws of your destination. While some countries and regions have no law against vaping, some are very particular about them. You would be asked to leave you vape mod and all gadgets behind you at an airport if the country or state is not vape-friendly.

Henceforth, it is better if you know the rules of vaping of the place you are flying to.  To make your vaping experience more enjoyable, try to explore the local stores of the country.

Also do not assume on your own that there’s a vape shop everywhere. Doing a simple Google search can help you in getting an idea about this. If you do not find any vape shops, you should bring everything with you if you want to vape as much as you want.

Although, this is pretty basic but do not vape while you are in a flight. Vaping can result in the triggering of smoke alarms and it will result in you being questioned by the TSA. Also people around you might not be comfortable with the smoke and vape clouds, thereof can complain against it. In a closed place, many people feel uncomfortable with smoke or vape clouds.


At the end of the day, the TSA rules when you are flying with vape are not that complicated. Just follow what they ask and you will be safe.

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