How to Sub Ohm and Blow Big Clouds of Vapor


If you are a beginner level vaper, chances are you are not well aware of what sub ohm vaping is. Sub ohm vaping also known sub ohming is actually a popular style of vaping, which can create large clouds of vapor. If you have professional level vaper friends and have seen them blowing huge vape clouds – there is a high probability that they do sub ohm vaping. In Vaping competitions that are held around the globe, vapers do sub ohm vaping to blow huge vape clouds.

What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

The term sub ohm refers to devices that have coils, which are 0.5 or less than 0.5 ohms. Typically, these devices are direct lung devices. Sub ohm vaping can only be done if you use sub ohm devices. Evident by the name, these devices use less than one ohm. These devices have enough airflow, to enable vapers to directly inhale.

If you want to do sub ohm vaping, your vape mod should have a minimum of 40 watts. However, it can rise up to and exceed 200 watts. It was in the year 2014 when sub ohm tanks gained popularity in the vaping industry and since then sub ohm has remained a favorite among vapers.

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Why do Sub Ohm Vaping?

Although the most popular reason why vapers do sub-ohm vaping is actually to blow huge vape clouds, there are some other reasons too, which include:

  • More flavor: Sub ohm coils have the ability to vaporize a large amount of e-liquid and thereof vapers get more flavor with every puff.
  • Increased airflow: Sub ohm vape pens have increased airflow, which cools down the heat that is produced during the heating process by coils. It is best for unrestricted airflow and direct lung inhale.
  • Warm temperature: If you are a vaper who likes warm vape, sub ohm vaping can provide you with low-ohm coils and high-wattages.

How to blow big vape clouds?

The act of blowing big vape clouds is known as cloud chasing in the vaping world. Cloud chasers are vapers who blow huge vape clouds and are on the constant lookout of finding new ways to break their previous records.

If you want to blow big vape clouds or in other words do cloud chasing, you need to have both experience and knowledge to do so efficiently.

There are a few things that you need to take care of cloud chasing. Let’s get started:  

Set Airflow

To blow maximum clouds, you first need to set the airflow settings. When a mod has more airflow, it means it has more cooling capacity and thereof can produce more vapor. The more air a coil gets; the lower the temperature of the coil. The reason why there should be low temperature is that you don’t burn your wick, and ruin the mod.

When the temperature is low, there is almost no chance of the wick getting burnt either, which lets the fresh flow of air and helps in condensation of vapor into cloud.

When you increase airflow in your coil, the device will start to produce more vapor.

When you increase the airflow, it will result in less resistance, which means you will have an airier vape. At the end of the day, you’d have to experiment a little to know the optimal level.

Adjust Power Settings

In simple words, the more power you give – the bigger the clouds are. For instance, if you have a power wattage of 30 watts, your vape clouds will be smaller and less dense than vape clouds at 60 watts. Even then, it is not that simple. You cannot just increase the power wattage before considering a few factors.  

When you increase the power wattage in the vape tank, it will increase the temperature of the tank. This is why you have to restrict yourself to a certain limit. On the other hand, some vapers like hot vapor and others mostly prefer a balanced temperature. The suggested power settings are typically written on the coil. Usually, you should follow the guidelines as the manufacturers know the limitations of the coil better than you. If you think you are not getting enough vapor, you can adjust them on a higher setting but not too far above than the recommended settings. 

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Coil resistance

The resistance of a coil plays a crucial role in the amount of vapor that can be produced by an e-cigarette. If the resistance of a coil is low, the coil can easily get heated. A coil with low resistance will be able to achieve high temperature in less time, which is necessary for the production of vapor on a fast rate.

Wire types and their size also play an important in vapor production. Some wire types can get heated up more quickly than others. Generally, wires that are bigger in size take longer time to get heated up.

While sub-ohm vaping, the battery should have a high discharge rate for low resistance so that enough amount of vapor can be produced. Any battery that is over 20 A is good for blowing huge vape clouds.  

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Best e liquids for Cloud Chasing

The e liquids you choose also play a role in the size and amount of vape clouds you can produce. If you choose an e-liquid with more PG, you will get more throat hit but if you choose an e-liquid with more VG, you will get more vapor. If you have more than 50% VG ratio in the e-liquid, it will become thick in consistency and will become difficult to vape.

Ideally for bigger vape clouds, you should go for a 50/50 PG/VG ratio.

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