A guide to vaping in the summer


Today we are going to talk about vaping in the summertime; we all know that we love the clear blue skies and bright sunshine of summers, vaping in this weather would be a delightful experience, so this is a guide as to how to have a great time while vaping in the summer.

Summer is here!

Summer is here; the skies are blue, the sun is shining and it is the best time to go out swimming or for a picnic in the park or on a long trip and have some fun! All of you vaping enthusiasts must be ready to go out and vape in the beautiful weather. While that is a great idea, there are some considerations to be made hereto ensure an amazing vaping experience.

The Considerations

  • Soaring Temperatures

The first thing to consider over here is the temperature, the summer temperature no doubt is enjoyable in most states but with a rise in temperature, we need to take care of not only our selves but our vaping device. You should be cautious as to where you leave your E-cigarette. Now you might require a tan, but we are pretty sure the device is better off in the shade. Furthermore, everyone likes to go on a day out in the summertime and like your mobile phones, sometimes you can forget your E-cigarette in the car as well. This is very dangerous since the temperature in on a hot day inside a car parked in the sun can reach 150 degrees and even above that; putting the device and those around it at danger. So you have to be vigilant as not to leave it lying around like that

  • E-liquid Safety

Now that we have taken care of keeping the E-cigarette safe, we should not forget that the E-Liquid that we put inside also requires to be kept in a nice cool temperature range. Yes keeping such liquids in cool and dark places is indeed a good idea but be careful as not to overdo the cool part by placing the liquid in a very cold place such as the fridge, this can change the flavor and properties of the E-liquid and result in a poor vaping experience.

  • The Kryptonite

Now summer does give way to thunderstorms and even twisters in many states, thus it is a good idea to keep your device charged for your vaping convenience in case of any power outages. Furthermore with summer not only do we get storms, but we also get pool parties and beach trips; both of which means one thing, water! As we all know water is the kryptonite for any electronic device out there such as your E-cigarette, so make sure you keep it away from water in a cool and dry place. A simple fix to this is keeping your device in a small waterproof bag for such occasions.

  • Are you charged up?

Summer trips can be quite long, so when traveling by car it is better to keep a travel charger with you to ensure that your device is fully charged. You can even keep a spare battery just in case to ensure uninterrupted vaping.

  •  Flying high

On the other hand, when you are traveling by air it is better to keep backups such as another E-cigarette kit with you just in case your baggage gets misplaced or lost. Furthermore whether in the air or anywhere else, it is better to ask around if vaping is allowed in that area or not. Although it is much more socially accepted than smoking it is still better to know for sure in new places to avoid any issues.


Now that we have equipped you with the essentials of vaping in the summertime, hurry up grab your device and enjoy vaping in this exquisite weather. Summer not only brings with itself great weather, but it also brings a whole new range of E-liquid flavors to enjoy. My personal favorites are Six Shooter and Texas Fair but do check out the other liquids of our private collection as well, you will love them.

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