Being a new vapor, you might be confused about a couple of things regarding e cigarettes and how they work. Due to numerous rumors revolving around e-cigarettes, you might even think they are dangerous for your health or same like tobacco cigarettes. The truth is: e cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes are completely different products. While in tobacco cigarettes, you get exposed to carcinogens and tar, which is cancer-causing – e cigarettes on the other hand, do not have tobacco or any cancer-causing agent that can be injurious to health.

Just so you know, the first e cigarette was made by a pharmacist in China in the year 2003. Although, initially e cigarettes were limited and you could not find enough flavors in the market but over the years, e cig industry has grown tremendously. From innumerable e liquid flavors to tons of e cig manufacturing companies, you can find exactly what you want, both online and offline.

Being a beginner-level vaper, it is important you know what you are doing is safe for health and cannot affect you in a bad way. Starting from the basics, vaping is defined as the act of inhaling vapor, which is produced by an electronic cigarette. An e cigarette is also known as vaporizer. The vapor, which is inhaled can be produced from a number of materials like concentrate, dry herb or e-liquid. The most popular option among these is e-liquid.


Main Parts of e Cigarette:
Although e cigarette looks like a tobacco cigarette, it is not. The main parts of an e cigarette are:

Battery: It is the most crucial part of an electronic cigarette. It provides power to the e cigarette. In the market, you can find a number of battery options with different wattages. Depending on your vape device, select a battery that does best with it.

Coils: Evident by the name, small pieces of wire are shaped in the form of coil. Coil of an e-cigarette is responsible for converting e-liquid into vapor.

Wick: A wick is made of number of materials like twisted silica cord, ceramic, cotton, stainless steel etc. Wicks deliver e-liquid from the tank to the coil.

What is an e liquid

E liquids are composed of four components: vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine and flavorings. Let’s take a detailed look at all of these components.

Vegetable glycerine

VG short for Vegetable glycerine is a diluting agent. It is used to thicken the consistency of e liquid. It is made with vegetable plants such as soy, coconut oil or palm. Pure VG is odorless and colorless, and tastes a bit sweet.

E liquids that have high dose of VG make bigger and denser clouds of vapor. Professional vapers opt for e liquids with high levels of VG.

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol or PG is also diluent. It is responsible for giving the throat hit that vapers get from vaping. People who are chain smokers are mostly habitual of the throat hit. When they switch to vaping, PG provides them with a healthier alternative to the same throat hit. This is why e liquids with high ratio of PG are popular among ex-smokers who vape.

E liquids that have high amount of PG are not much thick and the clouds formed as a result are neither big either. Although PG is labeled safe and non-toxic by FDA, some people have sensitivity to PGl. If you get headaches after vaping, one of the reason might be your natural sensitivity towards PG. Purchase e-liquids that have low ratio of PG.


Flavorings are used to add taste or flavor to the e liquid. When you are purchasing an e-juice and it has a chocolate or mango flavor, it is due to the added flavorings. They are edible and safe to consumer, and also added in a number of food products.

Tips for vaping

When you are just starting to vape e-cigarettes, the best way is to play safe. Start with devices that have low output and e-liquids that have low amount of nicotine in them. If you are an ex-smoker who is used to nicotine intake, it is okay if you go for an e-liquid with high quantity of nicotine but if you are in taking nicotine for the first time, start slow. If you are doing vaping to quit smoking eventually, another good option is to go for e-liquids that have flavours such as chocolate, fruits or milk. Don’t buy e-liquids that have tobacco flavour in them as this will keep you addicted to smoking.

Ideally, the resistance of a coil should be more than 1.0 ohms. Do not go for sub ohm vaping in the first month at least as you are still getting used to it. Although your expert level vapers might be vaping for long hours without taking much breaks, don’t follow their lead. As your body is not used to so much nicotine and vaping, you might start to get headaches. Try taking breaks between vaping sessions every now and then. If you ever get a headache when you are vaping, stop immediately.

Keep an e cigarette charger with you and every time, you step out of home – make sure your e cig has enough battery to let you vape. One of the problems that beginner vapers run into is that they forget to turn off their e cig. If you don’t switch it off, it will lose all the charging and you won’t be able to vape. This will also affect the lifetime of your e cig.

When purchasing e cigarette, e-liquid and vape mods, do not go for the cheapest options available. There is a high chance that such products are made of inferior quality ingredients and can affect your health in a negative way. Although you might think buying an e cigarette is an expensive option but you just have to buy it once, and typically it will last for more than 6 months.