How is Sub Ohm Tank different from a normal Tank


What are Sub Ohm Tanks?

Sub Ohm tanks are basically tanks which have coils of resistance lesser than 1 ohm.. Sub Ohm Tanks  have low resistance vape coils which are able to produce massive amounts of power outputs. These large amounts of wattage allow you to blow massive clouds and gives you a stronger throat hit. But as a newbie, you might be asking what are the key differences in a Sub Ohm Tank and a normal tank.

  1. E-Liquid Bases

    As The resistance of the wire is lesser and power output is greater, the coil tends to become more hot than the normal one in Sub Ohm tanks. These relatively hotter wire need an E-Liquid (link) with high density, hence the E-Liquids that are to be used in a Sub Ohm tanks have higher VG concentration in it which is responsible for the density of the E-Liquid. That might also explain why Sub Ohm Tank (link) users are able to blow massive clouds. Denser liquid combined with greater VG to PG ratio and lesser nicotine gives you just the right formula to pull of massive and fluffier clouds.

  2. Air Flow

     When talking about Sub Ohm Tanks, airflow systems are a major topic to talk about. Regular tanks mostly provide you with 2 air holes for air to get in the tank and provide you with the smoke integrated with the flavor. What Sub Ohm Tanks provide you is an additional hole, which they usually call, advanced airflow system. This not only provides greater air to enter the container, but also helps you with the customization. However, the correct placements of these air holes is very much important to get the most out of your E-Liquid.
  3. Vape Coils

    As mentioned earlier, Sub Ohm Tanks use lower resistance wires. These low resistance wire are the main reason why these Tanks are called “Sub Ohm Tanks” as the resistance of the wire is calculated in Ohms. This might also explain why Sub Ohmer are able to generate greater clouds. Fun fact: most of the professional vapors use Sub Ohm Tanks as they can produce enormous sized clouds.

  4. E-Liquid Usage

    This might be a problem for some of the vapors, but as more power output is generated to produce larger clouds, obviously more E-Liquid is being burnt up. Hence Sub Ohm users might have to refill their tanks every now and then while normal Tank users can go for days before they refill their tanks.

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