How is Temperature Control Mod any different from Box Mod?

Box Mod

Mod is one of the basic essentials when it comes to electronic cigarettes . We all know there are different types of technologies right now in the market, ranging from Temperature Control Mods to Digital Mods. If we look at the trend in technology, we see that we are generally moving towards digitized technology. Mods in Vape Category is no different from this trend. Everyday, Vape Mods are being digitized. This ultimately provides you with more control over your vape and not only that but also provides you with statistical knowledge of what you vape.

What is a Box Mod?

Before diving into the details of how Temperature Controlled Mods are any different from Box Mods, let see what Box Mods actually are. Box Mods are basically the most simplified version of Vape. In other words, It is an electronic devices which consist of a battery, and an electric circuit. This electric circuit does all the magic inside the box. From regulating wattage of the mod to displaying temperature on the screen, it takes care of them all.  Today modern Box Mods come with variable wattage and voltage along with a basket full of technical features like displaying puff count, battery percentage etc.

Box Mod
Box Mod

How Temperature Control Mod Works?

Temperature Control Mods have been taking the market by storm. Since it is the latest innovating in the Vape Market, it has been making a roar in the community too. While Temperature Control Mods can be a bit confusing to work with, by understanding its mechanics I am sure it would be easier than you thought. Most of the members of the vaping community are familiar with  the terms ‘resistance’ and ‘vape coil’. What Temperature Controlled Mod does is monitor the increase in resistance, and lowers down the wattage as it increases to maintain your preferable temperature. This helps increase your battery and vape coil life and even eradicates dry hits from your life.

How is Temperature Control Mod any different from Box Mod?

This might be giving you a question “What is so different about Temperature Control Mod?” Well, even off paper, in the practical life, a Temperature control Mod makes all the difference.

  • Safe Vaping

Vaping always has its harms and dangers. From burnt tongue to way too much tar-type taste. With Temperature Controlled Mods, you can say goodbye to both of these turn-offs of vaping. It lets you define your preferred temperature and lets you enjoy the heat as you prefer.

  • No Dry Hits

While dry hits can be the most annoying thing ever, Temperature Controlled Mods completely eradicates this. It Not only lets your enjoy your inhaling full of E-Liquid different flavors, but also keeps the intensity there. Say goodbye to the empty puffs, full of disappointments.

  • Variable power

Now you may be asking, what if I like high powered  clouds, or stronger E-Liquid Flavor? Don’t worry, Temperature Controlled Mods take care of all your fantasies. It lets you set your own power mod, and lets drive your own vape.

Since the increase in demand of these Temperature Controlled Mods, the rule of demand and supply has been set in play. The prices which were touching the roofs when these were announced have come down drastically. Hence, now may be the best time to purchase your first Temperature controlled Mod after all. To top it all of, now on Longhorn Vapor Company, you can enjoy amazing discounts on your favorite Mod. Head over to our Sales Page to know more about it.


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