How vaping help the people to quit smoking?

vaping to quit smoking

With  the rise of vaping culture all over the world, we have noticed that more and more people are opting vaping over smoking. As it’s not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but it also takes the lead in almost all other factors too. For example, vaping is more environment friendly,  vaping is more enjoyable, E-Cigarette Vapor is less annoying to the people around you and you even have more variety of flavors available to you. Not only that, but while choosing to vape instead of smoking, you have more control over the things as well. For instance, you can always change your flavor according to your mood, you can change the PG and VG quantities according to the purpose of vape and you can obviously change the Nicotine quantity in your E-Liquids. Other than that, vaping takes personalization to another step as well as you can choose each and every spare part of your Electronic Device.

How vaping helps you quit smoking?

People are actually addicted to two things, first, the nicotine from the smoke they get. Second, the act of smoking, having a good time while doing it. While the second one is at all bad for your health, the first one might raise some questions. However, Nicotine isn’t the substance that causes health problems for a smoker, it’s the thousands of other chemicals that mix with nicotine while the combustion process takes place in burning the tobacco. This is the exact same problem that E-Cigarettes solve for you. Other than that, some people might also want to get rid of their nicotine addiction too, don’t worry Electronic cigarettes solve that problem for you too.

One of the major reason why E-Cigarettes are so successful on making you leave your worst habit is it takes you down one step at a time. This is also the reason why other alternatives might have failed in making you quit smoking. Be it chewing gums which give you hiccups after half an hour of annoying inhalers to fulfill the space in place of smoking. From all the other alternatives, vaping has proven to be the best and the healthiest alternative of smoking. Hence people from all around the world are opting vaping to quit smoking.  

After you’ve decided that you will give up on smoking once and for all, and you’ve bought your first vape. You’re halfway there, because now you don’t want to inhale any more of the unwanted chemicals. While buying your E-Liquid what you’d instinctively do is buy the E-Liquid with highest nicotine level. However, this is perfectly fine in the initial stages. Make sure you understand all the other variables while choosing an E-Liquid, and you’re familiar with the terms PG, VG, Throat hit etc. After you’ve started vaping what you need to do is take a step down the next time you buy your E-Liquid and get a lower Nicotine version. This will repeat until you start to vape Nicotine free, and notice how good that is for you.

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