Nicotine Is As Toxic As Your Double Latte

Nicotine Is As Toxic As Your Double Latte

Know Your Nicotine: Because it is as bad as your Double Latte

“We need a national debate on nicotine” are the words heard by the person in charge at the Food and Drug Administration. And that is a good idea, right? But let’s jump into some essential details on what nicotine actually is.  Nicotine is a chemical dangerous on another level. It isn’t the stuff that causes illnesses and death from lung cancer or heart disease. Those are credited to tar and toxic gases released from burning tobacco when you smoke.

Nicotine does not cause lung cancer or other diseases but it does lead towards that by causing addiction to smoking. It is the chemical that brings your mind back to smoking when you feel like it. Michael Russell, known to be the father of tobacco harm theory and the developer of the nicotine gum, said in 1976 that people smoke nicotine but they die from tar. That is true on so many levels that it is scary how a simple chemical causes addiction  and can lead to such serious illnesses. The nature of e-cigarettes is that they work just like Russell’s nicotine gums in the way that they satisfy your cravings without the intentional harm of a regular tobacco cigarette. Vaping just lets you release the carcinogens unlike burning of tobacco. But what people , unfortunately don’t understand is that nicotine isn’t the villain.

Nicotine becomes a menace when it allows it’s user to become addicted to the cigarettes. t. Although it is essential to keep monitoring for the adverse effects of e-cigs, in the last seven years of fame that has popularized nicotine has not seen any such harmful effects to date. Nicotine is a mild stimulant and it does not really have any risks in healthy people. As a matter of fact, it enhances the tasks involving vigilance and rapid visual cue processing. It also delivers excellent results in sharpening memory, attention and concentration. However, as nicotine receptors affect other receptors, its effects can vary depending upon the mood and levels of arousal. So in any given case, a smoker may feel mellowed down by nicotine or he can feel riled up by it as well. Nicotine is primarily the cause of releasing of dopamine inside the brain. Dopamine plays the primary role in appetite, concentration and arousal. However, the more nicotine is consumed, the lesser the effects of dopamine become and hence a larger dose would be required to get the kind of kick a person gets used to. This is the main reason why people who start from one cigarette a week can lead to a pack of cigarettes in a day and maybe more. There is no doubt about it that nicotine is offered on a much more regulated and manageable rate when it is offered in vaping but there are so many hindrances still in making vaping a proper substitute to smoking that it seems a little far-fetched as to what effective measures to be undertaken to ensure that vaping become the go to choice for all who crave for a little nicotine kick.  

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