SHENZHEN KANGER TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD also known as “Kangertech” is the first manufacturer which provides personal vaporizers. Kangertech’s main focus is on innovations and safety in the products. Its products are CE, RoHS, SGS and ISO certified. The products of this china based company comes with highest quality standards and are very popular in the European Union and North America. It’s most popular lines are Aerotank, Protank and Genitank.

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Kangertech is a popular name in the vaping world. Since its launch in 2007, the electronic cigarettes manufacturer has established a good reputation for itself. Due to its dedication to quality and commitment to providing its customer with top products available in the entire world, vape products by Kangertech can never disappoint you. As the company is one of the pioneers of the vaping world, it is also given its due share of respect by other vaping companies. Whether you talk about North America, European countries or any other part of the globe – Kangertech delivers its promise of producing the finest vaping products available in market.  All products by Kangertech have passed RoHS, SGS and CE certifications so that it meets the highest standards for internal environmental management system. Three of the best-selling products of Kangertech are Kangertech subox mini, CLOCC coils and Kangertech Subovd. Both of these products enhance the overall vaping experience and make it more enjoyable.

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