USA, being the heart of vaping produced some of the greatest E-liquid and retailing brands of all times. LonghornVapor is one of them. We have been dedicated to provide vape lovers with the best vaping accessories. Having our interests aligned with our customers, Longhorn Vapor has always been there for the vaping world. Longhorn Vapor deals in all essential components of vaping experience. Providing you with a large diversity of E-liquids, plenty of Mods, a good variety of kits and accessories. All that along with a choice for you to enjoy the branded life and shop from branded retail variety. 

E-Liquids at Longhorn Vapor:

Longhorn Vapor deals in almost all major brands of E-Liquids having more than 30 different brands for you to choose from. We here at longhorn Vapor are proud to say that we offer you brands like Kilo series, VG collection, Bazooka series etc. Not only that but we offer you all that on a very reasonable price, a price that can’t be matched elsewhere. So the best brands, with the best retail price. What can be better than that, a sale? We’ve got that too. Head over to our Sales category to check out amazing discounts. 

Kilo White E-Liquid:

Like most of the E-Liquid giants, KILO has also been produced by none other than California, United States of America. Kilo E-Liquids were first launched in 2014 and in just a short time span of 4 years it has made its name in the vaping world.  According to them the stability of the company is based around these five fundamental values laid down by their founders: Sophistication, Passion, Creativity, Integrity and Patience. Now that we know where Kilo E-Liquids have came from, let’s have a look at their products. Kilo E-Liquids is basically a premium E-Liquid brand which has 3 different model to offer. The Kilo Black SeriesThe Kilo Moo Series and finally, the on which you stumbled upon the Kilo White Series.Proudly, Longhorn Vapor deals in all three of these models. We are currently offering 4 products from the Kilo White E-Juice series that are namely White Chocolate strawberry E-Liquid, Marshmallow Crisp E-Liquid, Ice-cream Sandwich and Cinnamon Roll E-Liquid. By the names of these E-liquids, you would have guessed how luxurious they are, well you guessed it right. Kilo White Series has been handcrafted with perfection for the upper class vapors. While all four of these have their own unique flavor, the trademark flavor of Kilo can be easily tasted in all four of them. All four of them come in a 60ml dripper bottle with giving you the option to choose between four nicotine levels; no nicotine, 3mg nicotine and a 6mg nicotine version.  Don’t know what these levels mean? Check out our main page to know more about nicotine levels.