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  Vape kits sure are one of the greatest blessings at retail stores today. They not only provide you with all the essentials you need under one roof, but are financially feasible too. However, while buying a kit for yourself you might want to consider some factors like how often do you vape? Do you vape on the go? what essentials you need? There are basically two types of vape kits with different purposes and different target audiences. The Vape Starter Kits and the Vape Advanced Kits. Longhorn Vapor is proud to say that it deals in both of these iterations.

Vape Starter Kit at Longhorn Vapor

Vape Starter Kits are basically for all those who are just starting their vaping journey. Who are not yet that much into the vaping lifestyle and might not be vaping that often. Vape Starter Kits may include basic Battery Style Mods, a smaller battery and a clearomizer and a low wattage, low voltage tank. It might or might not include extras (depending on the price of the kit). Be advised, a vape kit does NOT include an E-Liquid inside, you would have to buy that on your own separately.

Vape Advanced Kits

The Vape Advanced Kits on the other hand are for the pros out there.. Vape Advanced kits  are one step ahead in providing the best combos according to your needs. Vape Advanced Kits can include a larger battery and even a separate battery which may or may not be dual voltage/wattage. It can also offer you extra tanks, some of which offer dual coils. Vape Advanced Kit can offer more technical Mods like Digital Mods or Box Mods and also offer extras like car charger or wall chargers. Obviously as the accessories increase the prices increase too, hence Vape Advanced Kits are generally more expensive than Vape Starter Kits.