Longhorn Products For Every Vaping Level

At Longhorn Vapor Company we have the products and selection to be your vapor supply company from your first puff on an electronic cigarette to your days as an experienced vaper. Here are the best Longhorn products for every vaping level.


When you make the decision to toss that last pack of cigarettes into the trash and start vaping, the only way you are going to stay with it is if your new e Cig delivers on flavor, vapor production and throat hit.  The bottom line is that you want something that is as reliable as your traditional cigarette, but without all the chemicals.  We understand that and carry products that will deliver.

At Longhorn, we carry several products that are perfect for the transition smoker.

  1. LHB Rechargeable Kit – The beauty of the LHB is that the form factor and performance are very similar to your traditional cigarette. The LHB has easy to use, screw on replaceable cartridges that comes in six of Longhorn’s best flavors.  The rechargeable battery is powerful to satisfy all day long.
  2. Kanger S1 Kit – The S1 kit by Kanger is exactly the type of device that new vapers love. Its intuitive design and reliable eGo battery delivers a clean hit every time. The S1 is easy to refill with a leak free design, long lasting rechargeable batteries, and is available in four different colors. But the best thing about the S1 is that the by moving to a tank system over a cartridge, you are now free to try any of Longhorn’s long line of unbelievable e Liquids.
  3. Ballistixx Kit – The Ballistixx Kit by Vapor Tech increases your vaping power and increases flavor production. This easy to use, easy to fill complete kit is perfect for the transitioning vapor who is looking to increase their satisfaction by customizing their vaping experience.

 E Liquids

One of the best things about vaping over traditional cigarettes is that the amazing variety of flavors.  Whether you are looking for traditional tobacco or menthol flavors, or ready to jump into the exotic flavors such as delicate custards and fruit medleys – Longhorn Vapor Company makes the best e Liquids on the market.

We hand craft every liquid in our in house, custom-made lab.  By keeping every aspect of e Liquid production in house, we can assure our customers that we use only the finest ingredients and that our liquids are safe to vape and inhale.

From our Private Collection of six complex flavors, to our VG Cloud Line designed to deliver massive vapor clouds, Longhorn has the variety and quality you are looking for.

Advanced Vapers

One of the unique things about vaping over traditional cigarettes is that the experience can be as simple or as customizable as your desire.  As you transition, you will often want to find a device that can adapt to create better vapor flow and find the perfect wattage to get the most out of your favorite flavor.  At Longhorn, we have searched the globe and discovered several products that we know are the best in the world.

Mechanical Mods – These devices are a vaper’s dream.  Rugged design, and always sleek to the eye, Mech Mods are perfect for those looking massive vaper production, and most often used by vaping experts looking to build their own atomizers.  However, they also work well with most tanks as well.

  1. The Hellboy, by VaporTech – First of all, this device just looks amazing. The craftsmanship and design elements are exactly what a next level vapor wants. A device that is equally cool and powerful.  The copper finishes and high quality construction make this a must own.
  2. Juggernaut X – The Juggernaut X is a beautifully crafted all-copper mod designed to be heavy in the hand but light on the wallet.  This 18650 mod will make your eyes light up once you see it.  The Juggernaut X delivers in both looks and performance.  The only thing better than seeing the Juggernaut X in the pictures is seeing it in person.

Digital Mods

  1. iStick 50 – The iStick 50 by eLeaf offers complete customization of your vaping experience in a compact package. Multiple voltage and wattage options, industry leading internal battery life, and fit in your pocket design make this product a best seller.
  2. Innokin SVD 2.0 – Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0 is a new variable wattage device joins the long line of impressive products launched by Innokin. It has an extremely classy and elegant design. The slick and more ergonomic body fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The iTaste SVD 2.0 is controlled by three buttons and an LCD display on the side of the device.

Tanks – While the battery and device you vape with is important, it is also important not to forget about the device that holds the e Liquid.  Sometimes finding the right tank for your device takes some trial and error, but Longhorn has put two tanks with the latest technology to the test.

  1. Morpheus – The Morpheus by VaporTech is highly adaptive (it comes with two coils making it perfect for almost any type of Mod), has a huge liquid capacity, is easy to fill and can deliver huge clouds of vapor every time.
  2. Atlantis – The Aspire Atlantis tank is a next generation tank system brings improved adjustable airflow and Sub Ohm coils that provides performance similar to even the best rebuildable atomizer. By enhancing Aspires Bottom Vertical Coil design, Vapers will experience better taste and vapor production with the brand new Aspire Atlantis Tank.

Rebuildable Tanks – Rebuildable tanks are for the more experienced vaper, but they will tell you that the nuances of building your own coil only enhances your vaping experience.

  1. Valhalla – Introducing the newest Valhalla RDA Tank from VaporTech. The Valhalla is VaporTech’s first competition dripper, boasting nothing but conductivity.  To start, the bottom contact pin on the Valhalla is solid copper.  Inside, the entire center post is comprised of a 24-karat gold-plated beryllium copper, ensuring that the power from the battery is not wasted on unnecessary voltage drop.  Since the Valhalla is a competition dripper, it wouldn’t be complete without massive positive/negative post holes for almost any gauge wrap that you want.
  2. Kayfun Lite – The Kayfun Lite Plus V2 is a rebuildable atomizer that is one of the easiest and most simple devices to rebuild, with practice and the right tools a person can learn to build coils within a small amount of time. Any time you are rebuilding you need to follow safe rebuilding, by making sure you are building the coils that will work with your batteries, using a meter or atomizer ohm meter to check your coils, and making sure your devices are in good operating condition. Also look out for Kayfun V4 Clone as it is going to hit our store soon.

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