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Longhorn Vapor has been providing quality vaping accessories from quite some time now. We at Longhorn Vapor deal in all major vaping essentials like E-LiquidsMods (Ex. Battery Style Mods), AccessoriesKits and Tanks . To top it all off, we have a branded section for you too. Head over to our brands page to know more about the brands we deal in.

Mods at Longhorn Vapor

Today, Longhorn Vapor is one of the biggest Vape accessory retailer, which included all types of mods too. People behind Longhorn Vapor believe in diversity, exactly why we provide you with the largest  variety of Mods. From Battery Styled Mods to Digital Mods, from Temperature Controlled Mods to Mechanical Mods, you name it. Not only do we deal in best quality Mods, our prices are unmatched in the market too. To top it all off, we offer sales on and off too. Head over to our Sales page to know more about our sale offers.

Battery Style Mods:

Battery style mods offer you the simplest form of vaping, where you don't have to worry about different variables, settings and all those complicated buttons. Just fire it up and start your vaping. Currently Longhorn Vapor is offering two different battery style mods which are obviously the best in the market at the moment.The first one is the eGo-C Twist 650/1000 mAh which is the successor of eGo-C's previous best seller. eGo-C Twist is the base model for Battery Style Mods offered by eGo-C.The selling point of this base model comes out to be the variable output voltage it offers. You can choose the output volts between 3.2 Volts and 4.8 Volts. Other than that it offers, 510 Threads, short circuit protection, lock switch to prevent accidental firing, and a protection to overcharging or discharging.The second Battery Style Mod eGo-C offers is the enhanced version of eGo-C Twist that is the  eGo-C passthrough 650/1000 mAh. Which has all that there was in eGo-C Twist but now with some enhanced features. It offers a dual voltage output which results in a greater throat hit. Also, this one allows you to puff along with charging so that battery percentage does not stop you from doing what you love the most. Other than that, it includes Led display and five click mechanism for on/off and lock switch for stopping unnecessary firing.Both of these toys are of top notch quality, and promise to give you happiness that you can't imagine. Both of them come with best quality lithium battery which gives no less that 800 hits (650 mAh) or 1800 hits (1000 mAh). Worried before buying your first ever mod? head over to our main Mods page to know more about how to buy your first mod.