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Longhorn Vapor isn’t just another vaping retailer in the market. It is to date one of the biggest retailers there is. Originating from the heart of vaping culture that is California, USA, you sure can expect great things from this vaping giant. Dealing in a wide variety of E-Liquids, Mods (Ex. Mechanical Mods), Accessories, Kits, Tanks and even branded vape components. We here at Longhorn Vapor believe in superiority and standards. Providing amazing quality services, we promise to make your vaping experience as unique and as uplifting as possible. Not only that, we deal in branded assortments too. Check out brands page to know more about it.

Mods at Longhorn Vapor

Longhorn Vapor is devoted towards providing supreme quality in all of its vaping essentials. But as Mods are the most important thing for vaping, we give it much more attention than others. Longhorn Vapor deals in all types of Mods, ranging from Temperature Controlled Mods to Mechanical Mods. We are proud to say that today Longhorn Vapor is one of the most prominent retailers when it comes to the vast variety of Mods being sold in the market.

Mechanical Mods:

Mechanical Mods are for all the old schools out there. If you're not into tech that much and like the old way, to top it all off, all those blinking lights and unrecognized numbers confuse you, Mechanical Mods are just the right thing for you. These are simple compartments which hold your battery and connects it directly to your vape coil. There you have it, non stop supply of current and non stop vaping. Mechanical Mods can provide that hard throat hit and result in massive clouds. Due to less complications when it comes to wiring and lesser tech, These Mods are relatively cheaper than other mods, but of course it depends on the quality of mod you're buying. Mechanical Mods range from Copper bodies (Titan 26650 Copper Mod) to Stainless Steel bodies (Stainless Telescope Mod).