Why Longhorn Vapor?

From the birthplace of vaping culture, and like other great giants in the vaping world Longhorn Vapor has also emerged to provide you with the best of the best (Ex. Mr. Macaron E-Liquid). The only difference is that it’s better than the rest of retailers in the market. Be it quality, be it prices, be it the most amazing deals, Longhorn Vapor promises to be the better one every single time Dealing in a wide variety of E-LiquidsModsAccessoriesKitsTanks and even branded vape components. We want our customers to have nothing less than peer quality products on minimum prices. The unmatched services combined with the latest tech, what else could you ask for?

Eliquids at Longhorn:

Longhorn Vapor has been the biggest player of them all when it comes to the E-Liquid’s retail market. Longhorn Vapor is proud to say that it currently offers more than 30 E-Liquid brands for its customers to choose from. This diverse variety of E-Liquids is not only the top brands in the world, but also one of the most unique flavors there are out there. Having premium E-Liquids like Drip Doctor E-Liquid, Kilo series, Mr. Macaron E-Liquid etc. Longhorn not only provides its customers with the finest of E-Liquids, but also has in store a great unmatched price for them too. To top it all off, E-Liquids offers discounted prices on them too. So hurry up, grab your favorite E-Liquid right now!

Mr. Macaron E-Liquid Origin:

Mr. Macaroon E-Liquids, like the other giants in the E-Liquid world, is from California. California, being the birth place of vaping culture bread a lot of great E-Liquid brands, Mr. Macaron E-Liquid being one of those amazing brands is creating a worldwide revolution nowadays.

Mr. Macaron E-Liquid:

Mr. Macaron E-Liquid is a very unique E-Liquids brand, yet has aced it’s quality on every single bottle it has ever created. People behind Mr. Macaron E-Liquid have been very innovative and creative when it came to produce a product just as unique as their name. They surely haven’t disappointed the vaping community. Mr. Macaron E-Liquid is basically a Macaron themed E-Liquid, combined with a baking vibe. It sure does blend together perfectly.We here at Longhorn Vapor currently supply 3 of the most premium E-Liquids provided by Mr. Macaron yet. Namely, these are, Salted Caramel E-Liquid, Strawberry Cream E-Liquid and vanilla marshmallow E-Liquid. All of these great flavors have they dairy essence in it as well as sweetness of a macaron. Mr. Macaron E-Liquid is currently only available in a 60ml dripper bottle, allowing you to choose between 3 different nicotine levels. That are, 0mg, 3mg and 6mg.