Why Longhorn Vapor?

Longhorn Vapor has been providing the vaping community with highest quality vaping products since its formation. Originating from California, the origin of vaping itself, Longhorn Vapor has developed its interests keeping in mind the best interests of the vaping fanatics. Longhorn Vapor deals in all kinds of vaping products that include a massive amount of E-Liquids (Ex. Naked 100), a large variety of Mods, Many kinds of Kits, Tanks and quite a lot of other Accessories. Apart from that, you can also choose to enjoy a branded lifestyle while you shop from our branded retail store.

E-Liquids at Longhorn Vapor

Longhorn Vapor lets you choose from more than 30 E Liquid Brands. We have the most premium brands like Clown E Liquids, VG Collection, Naked 100 and many more. Everything kept in consideration, the point which makes Longhorn Vapors Unique is that we make our stock from the best products with the most suitable costs. And what’s more surprising is that we don’t forget to offer you some amazing discounts every once in a while. So head onto our sale page to check those discounts out!  

Naked 100 E-Liquid:

Coming from The Schwartz E Liquid group, which is known for its simple and fruity flavorings, Naked 100 E Liquid gives you the best fruity experience that hypes your experience up. The flavors like Very Berry and Green Blast give you a more natural vaping experience. These juices taste extraordinary, as well as smell incredible too! Longhorn Vapor provides you with the most popular flavors of Naked 100 E liquids. Flavors like Amazing Mango, Green Blast, Berry Lush and All Mellon gives you the most sweet and fruity experience in the town. But if sweet clouds are not your thing, the Hawaiian POG and the Frost Brite or Brain Freeze E Liquids. Check out our Naked 100 E liquid Archive for all the available flavors. They are surely something you would not want to miss out. All the flavors of Naked 100 E Liquid are sold in 0mg, 03mg and 06mg Nicotine Levels so you can choose the amount of buzz you want in your vape session and make those clouds give you the required feel. Head onto our E-Liquids main page if you are not sure about what these nicotine contents mean and let us sort it out for you.  The flavors are sold in dropper bottles so you can use them without the fear of spilling them over and this also enables you to easily refill your tank with the marvelous Naked 100 E liquid.