One of the most commonly asked questions by people starting out in vaping is “What nicotine level should I be on?” There are various different ways a company may label their nicotine levels and this may be the cause of some of the confusion amongst consumers – but the answer is fairly simple; it is determined by how many packs of cigarettes you currently smoke.Some manufacturers use the terms “low, medium and high,” others may use a percentage. At Longhorn Vapor we use a Milligram based system, which means, for example, that if you smoke a bottle of 8 mg strength liquid, you are receiving 8 mg of nicotine for every Milliliter of liquid you consume. Longhorn Vapor currently offers a variety of strengths in a variety of sizes:

  • 0 mg/ml – For people who have not smoked cigarettes before, those who have already quit smoking or anybody who does not wish to intake nicotine in their liquid. Though the flavor is not diminished at 0 mg, users will find no harshness to their inhalation or “pinch” in the back of their throat, which is normally caused by the presence of nicotine.
  • 8 mg/ml – For those smoking half a pack or less, normally associated with the more casual smoker. All of the Longhorn Tester Flavors are presented at 8 mg, as it tends to offer the best balance between flavor and throat hit.
  • 16 mg/ml – For those smoking a full pack a day. The throat hit is increased accordingly. Tends to be the most popular choice amongst vapors, along with the 8 mg level.
  • 24 mg/ml – Designed for individuals who smoke closer to two packs a day. Significant throat hit.
  • 30 mg/ml – For use by very heavy smokers only. Intended for those who smoke three packs a day or multiple cigars. Flavor can occasionally take a backseat to the intense throat hit from the nicotine.

When making a decision over which nicotine level to consume, it is imperative that you are honest with yourself. Too little nicotine and you will continue to crave cigarettes, too much and you can make yourself lightheaded and dizzy. The more accurately you can determine your own habits, the more likely you are to pick the correct level for your needs and truly have success in quitting.

Take into account that your transition to vaping can sometimes be a challenge. You may experience coughing and mild irritation of the throat upon initial use; which are perfectly normal symptoms that should cease within a few days to a week. By picking the correct nicotine level based on your personal needs you should help alleviate the odds of such occurrences.