How to prevent your Vape Tank from leaking

Being in the vape world, as much as I enjoy the wonders of it being extremely satisfying and enjoyable, I can’t deny there are some annoying setbacks too. From dry hits to leaking of Vape Tanks to excessive vaping causing headaches, from PG to VG ratio, everything at present is at a shambles and one cannot resolve these issues solely on their ‘experience’. To be well-informed and to keep you updated about all issues related to these e-cigarettes. On and off, we experience some of the extremely disappointing moments. However, we at Longhorn Vapor care about our customers and are keen to make sure you get the best possible guidance from us. With that being said, the agenda of today’s article would be to recommend some tips and tricks on how to prevent your vape tank from leaking as it can serve to the purpose of supporting others who do vape and face this issue but can’t find a forum for help. Know Your Tank: Before anything else we here at Longhorn Vapors advise you to know as much as your Vape Tank as much as you can. Although you can browse different Vape Tanks at Longhorn Vapor’s website along with their brief descriptions but still you need to research for the Vape Tank you’ve decided to use. This is because every other model out there has different attributes, different vape coils, different way of handling. Hence you’ll be efficient in organizing your vape better if you know it well enough. And that is the first step in deciding the what to do about the problem. Know the problem, know the cause, tend to it for a solution is our mantra here. Now let’s move onto some tips we have in store for you to prevent your Vape Tank from leaking. Below mentioned are the best tips and tricks according to us but can be used in prevention phase. However these are still inconclusive and can be altered much more in a better way. Vaping is crucial so try to read through it thoroughly though: Seals and O-rings The little rubber rings you see between your Vape Tank and your mouth pieces are called the Seals or the O-rings. These may seem to be small and useless at first, but they play an important role too. Main purpose of these are to prevent your E-Juice from leaking out the Vape Tank. It seals it off and ensures dried out smoking. So for your next breakfast vape, make sure you check out the O-rings. Excessive E-Juice We understand that you want to fully use the capacity of your newly bought Vape Tank. But we strongly recommend not to fill it up too much. This would not only prevent your Vape Tank to spill over but also ensure no E-Juice is wasted along the road. Always leave a few centimeters in your Vape Tank to ensure better air tightness inside the tank. Besides the best e-cigarette usage is ensured when the ratio of every ingredient is appropriate. That is when the optimal level of satisfaction is achieved and you are; as a quitter content. Be sure to make it happen as it will serve to be the distinguishing factor. Try Whip Cream e Liquid with your new vape tank. Power Management Where Vaping in itself may seem to be a seamless task, I can assure you it’s a very technical one. At least at the back-end. You need to know your mod well enough to know what is the resistance of the wire you’re using. But that is not it, make sure to be thoroughly appropriate with the quantity because that will be the difference. With that you need to find out what power your mod needs to work on. According to the experts, you can set it to 40 Watts for around 0.2 Ohms of resistance in your Vape Coil. With that being said, I will repeat myself that it is very important to research a bit about the type of Vape Tank you’re using, because there are a lot of flavors that can be the difference that can alter the taste the idea, and everything related to e-cigarette. You can be the perfect addition to the family if you are one who believes in perfection when it comes to vaping and vaping is fun for all.[1] Having said that, you can also view our collection of E-Juices and Vape Mods on our website to increase your knowledge because we have a lot of brands as well as their products placed where you can go through them, add comments for fellow readers as to what is good, what is not because that is the use of the blog which we want to achieve.

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