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Accessories at Longhorn Vapor

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Buy E-Cigarette Chargers at Longhorn Vapor

E-Cigarette Chargers are one of the most important essentials when talking about vape accessories. It not only gives you the sense of comfort but also helps you out when you're in the most isolated places. Most of the E-Cigarette Chargers are almost similar to each other with a little to differentiate in them. Mostly the difference between all traditional charges are the charging slots. Some might have 1 slot charging options like Nitecore UM10 Charger on the other hand we have chargers with two  charging slots, like Efest Slim K2 Charger. Other than that, there comes the wall adapter and the Micro USB cable that is used to charge the built-in batteries inside your E-Cigarettes. You can find the wall E-Cigarette Charger Ego Wall Adapter By Joyetech here, and the Micro USB cable Ego USB Charger By Joyetech here.