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Longhorn Vapor deals in a vast variety of Vape Essentials. Longhorn Vapor unarguably is one of the giants when we talk about Vape in general. People behind this vape giant have made it their sole duty to give something back to the vaping community. Hence each and everyone is doing their best to provide you with the best experience ever. For our customers, we keep all types and genres of E-Liquids, Mods , Accessories, Kits and Tanks  in store, that too from all the premium brands( Ex. Geekvape) worldwide. We have aligned our priorities with those of our customers, to top it all off, we offer on and all sales too. Do check out our Sale Page  to know more about the discounted products.

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Longhorn Vapor is one of the major retailers and also one of the very few retailers who deal brand-wise. We offer not only the best of the best products from all over the world, but also an option to shop from any specific brand you like. From Eleaf to Geekvape, Longhorn Vapor has got you covered. We have been dealing in premium Vape Brands for quite  sometime now and today we’re providing Vape essentials from over 10 different premium brands. Now you can choose the best brand for your taste buds from Longhorn Vapor, Order now to avail amazing deals in store for our valuable customers.


GeekVape as denoted by its name is all about the tech part of vaping. People behind GeekVape are obviously a bunch of geeks, trying to innovate and invent every single day. GeekVape are one of the greatest producers of export quality Accessories, Mods and Tanks. They are famous for providing complicated technical features in the market. Providing the latest and the greatest in the world of vape tech, Geekvape is one of the very few vape manufacturers who have their hands deep in research and development of vaping in recent times. Currently, Longhorn Vapor is providing three of the bestsellers from Geek Vape. Firstly, we have the GeekVape Ammit RTA, the Geek Vape illusion Tank Replacement Coil Heads  and the Illusion Sub Ohm Tank by GeekVape.